Any blemishes from constantly wearing a mask have *poof* disappeared.

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Peace Out Skincare Serum
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I’ve tried a lot of acne treatments over the years, and I’ve experienced some good, some bad, and some very ugly reactions. Because of my sensitive, acne-prone skin, I’m extremely cautious about what I apply on my face, and finding products I actually swear by is rare. I don’t throw around the phrase ‘holy grail’ often, but after a week of using Peace Out Skincare’s latest launch, I dared to think about it.

The brand’s ‘acne dots’ went viral on Sephora for a reason: They can zap away monster-sized blemishes immediately overnight. So when the news that Peace Out Skincare was releasing an acne serum entered my inbox, I was hopeful it would be just as effective (spoiler, it was).

The all-over face serum features the commonly-used acne ingredient salicylic acid to help combat new and existing blemishes instantly, plus niacinamide to help with excess oil production and any post-breakout hyperpigmentation. Medicinal plant extract centella asiatica promotes the regrowth of collagen and calms inflammation. Vitamin C and zinc also made the ingredient list, alongside skin-calming triluronic acid, making this a truly powerful fighter against acne and dull, lackluster skin.

Peace Out Skincare

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Though my skin is typically temperamental, it has been breaking out even more lately due to constantly wearing a mask. This acne serum has cleared away any blemishes on my chin and cheeks, instilling hope that I won’t spend all summer worrying about ‘maskne’ appearing at the end of every day. I apply the treatment at night and feel a wave of relief the next morning when I wake up to consistently smoother and clearer skin.

Sephora shoppers have already voiced similar experiences, claiming the treatment has been a savior for hormonal breakouts and dark spots and is gentle enough to use regularly without drying out their skin.

Grab a bottle of the treatment from Peace Out Skincare for $34 at Sephora, and pair with the highly-rated Acne Healing Dots for the ultimate shield against breakouts this summer.