Peace Out Skincare's Latest Launch Just May Be Its Best Yet

Toss Your Other Acne Creams — Peace Out's Newest Launch Is All Your Skin Needs

Say goodbye to blemishes and hello to hydration.
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When I heard that Peace Out was launching an acne-fighting moisturizer, I was overjoyed. The brand carries a few of my holy grails, including its viral acne healing "dots," oil-absorbing pore strips, a line-smoothing eye stick, and a clarifying face serum. All of them have been credited with healing some of my worst skin flare-ups, so I was hopeful this newest addition would offer the same results — and it does. 

The lightweight moisturizer was created specifically for those with sensitive and blemish-prone skin, like myself. The alcohol-free formula protects against environmental aggressors, minimizes redness, clears out large pores, and smoothes over uneven texture thanks to a handful of clarifying ingredients. Bakuchiol, hemp seed oil, squalane, rosehip oil, and ceramides unite to correct and prevent pesky concerns while leaving skin moisturized with every application. 

Peace Out Skin Repairing Moisturizer
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As Peace Out founder Enrico Frezza shared with InStyle, the creation process was all about developing a formula that "provided the right level of hydration without leaving those with acne-prone skin feeling oily or weighted down." Essentially, this product offers the same moisturization that heavier creams provide without the greasy residue — and it truly succeeds. The gentle formulation instantly sinks into my skin post-application, and it also provides a smooth canvas for makeup. Even more impressive, I haven't had any monstrous blemishes since adding it into my regimen.

As someone who regularly vets skincare, I recognize the importance of keeping all skin types nourished, not just the drier ones. And so does Frezza — instead of introducing another skin-parching formula to the acne market, he brings one that gives the best of both worlds: an antidote to painful bumps that also supplies nourishment for a stronger skin barrier. Yes, even those that struggle with acne need to hydrate their skin to prevent additional concerns, such as inflammation and redness, and this newest product is the way to do so. 

Peace Out recommends cleansing with the Daily Cleanser Blemish Balm, followed by an application of the Acne Treatment Serum, before applying a generous amount of the Repairing Moisturizer to the face and neck. Shop the moisturizer that's bound to make waves for $28 on the Peace Out website, alongside Sephora.