Pat McGrath's First-Ever Skincare Product Is Here

Naturally, it's major.

Pat McGrath Is Launching Her First Skincare Product
Photo: Courtesy of Pat McGrath/Steven Meisel

Ask any good makeup artist about the importance of skin prep, and they'll tell you using the right products before applying makeup is the key for achieving a smooth, flawless base. So expanding into skincare is a natural move for legendary makeup artist Dame Pat McGrath, who, among many things, is known for giving runway models and celebrities otherworldly glowy skin.

McGrath's first skincare launch is the Divine Skin: Rose 001 Essence ($86), a straight shot to the makeup artist's signature glow. The bi-phase formula boosts overall radiance, smoothes texture, hydrates and rebalances skin, strengthens the skincare barrier, and helps skincare products better penetrate the skin.

The formula contains Rose-Biotic, a blend of centifolia rose water and damascena rose water calm, soothe, and protect from environmental aggressors, and HydraSphere 18, a mix of lipid and vitamin E-packed botanical oils including sweet almond, squalane, and ceramide.

"After many years of experimentation, I'm thrilled to introduce the perfect formula. Divine Skin: Rose 001™ The Essence is 97% natural, clean and gentle," McGrath said in a statement. "It's designed for all skin types and fits seamlessly into any skincare routine. This beautiful formula unlocks the secrets to glowing, gorgeous, supple, smooth, sensuous skin — in an instant, and over time it transforms your skin."

And naturally, the launch is major. McGrath tapped iconic supermodel Naomi Campbell (who serves as the face of the brand) to front the campaign (and test the product as it was developed). Shot by Steven Meisel, the campaign features Campbell with her signature glow and a soft no-makeup makeup look.

"I've been privy to Pat's top secret Divine Skin: Rose 001 The Essence throughout its development," the supermodel shared in a statement. "My skin has to look healthy every day, it's my job. That's why I've incorporated it into my daily skincare routine. I wouldn't use anything else. The glow, the luminosity, the hydration, it's unparalleled. It's perfection."

Pat McGrath Is Launching Her First Skincare Product
Courtesy of Pat McGrath

To shop: $86;

How to Use

The essence is designed to be used as your fist step after cleansing. Simply shake the bottle to activate the bi-phase formula and add a few drops to the palms of your hands. Then, massage the and essence onto your face and neck, moving upwards and outwards.

McGrath recommends tailoring the application based on your skin type. For oily skin, the essence can be used as a lightweight moisturizer, while balanced or dry skin may prefer to layer serums, and/or oils and moisturizer over top. It can also be used to replenish skin throughout the day, as needed.

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First Impressions and Thoughts

I love that this essence offers myriad of skincare benefits in addition to boosting the efficacy of my other products. The milky liquid has very slight rose scent that doesn't give me a headache or irritate my skin, which tends to react to heavily-scented products. It instantly feels soothing and refreshing as pat it onto my face, and once it dries down, it leaves a nice glow. While it's hydrating enough to act as my morning moisturizer, I like to layer other products over it at night, which is when I tend to use active ingredients like retinol.

While the essence boosts overall radiance right away, I plan to keep using it in my routine to reap its long-term benefits, which include improvement in moisture and a stronger skin barrier. And I really appreciate McGrath taking all skin types into consideration when figuring out what product to launch with first. While I have balanced/dry skin, I can see how anyone can benefit from using the essence and how the product can be adapted to fit ones routine.

Pat McGrath Labs Divine Skin: Rose 001 Essence is available now for $86 at

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