This $8 Anti-Aging Face Oil Just Became a Top-Selling Beauty Product on Amazon

It's spiked in sales over 95,000 percent.

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This $8 Anti-Aging Face Oil Spiked in Sales Over 190,000 Percent on Amazon
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When it comes to skincare on Amazon, there are a few standout products that have become "holy grails" for shoppers, from a top-rated serum that even Khloé Kardashian uses to a face mask that's racked up over 17,000 reviews. While you may not always recognize the brands with cult followings on the retail giant, there are a few big names that trickle in from time to time — like this super popular face oil from Palmer's.

You've most likely seen the face oil at your local drugstore (and may have even debated purchasing it at some point), but now the Skin Therapy Face Oil has officially become one of Amazon's best-selling beauty products, which is not an easy feat. The $8 oil spiked in sales 97,850 percent overnight, meaning tons of people are shopping it right now — and with all the anti-aging skin benefits it has packed in for such a low price, we're not surprised.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Skin Therapy Oil

To buy: $8;

The multi-purpose face oil is made with 10 pure oils including rosehip seed oil, coconut oil, and argan oil, plus two anti-aging favorite ingredients: retinol and vitamin C. The formula is meant to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots, all while brightening, toning, and plumping up skin. Hundreds of reviewers have left it positive reviews, saying it's "done wonders" for their complexion, even saying it works well for oily, acne-prone skin.

"Do I wake up looking 20 again, no, but I feel like my dry winter skin is more moisturized, making those 'welcome to your mid 30's' wrinkles less noticeable. I've also noticed my skin looks more luminous and healthy. The oil does take a few minutes to soak in, but after it does I don't feel greasy or oily," one shopper wrote. "I use it morning and night: 2-3 drops over my bare, freshly washed face and an extra drop under my eyes and on the apple of each cheek where I get the most dry. Wears fine under moisturizer, primer, and BB cream without affecting the wear-time of my makeup. Overall happy with this product and plan to keep using — maybe I WILL wake up one day and look 15 years younger."

Not to mention, customers love using it on their body just as much as their face — it's even out-selling the ever popular Bio-Oil, known for its skin-smoothing effects, on Amazon right now. Another reviewer wrote, "I am using this on my arms along with the Gold Bond Ultimate Overnight Deep Moisturizing Cream EVERY NIGHT and I love it! My sun damaged 76 year old arms are so much softer and smoother and dewy."

So what are you waiting for? At just $8 a bottle, your bank account will hardly notice if you stock up.

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