Deordorant Wipes - Lead
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I’ve lost track the number of times makeup wipes have been there for me when I’ve been too tired to properly remove my makeup at the end of the day, or need to quickly fix a cat-eye gone wrong. Makeup wipes are always mess-free, get the job done in a single swipe, and ultimately convenient, so when a pack of natural deodorant wipes found their way onto my desk I was skeptical but mostly intrigued.

Since natural deodorant can’t be mentioned without someone asking whether or not it actually keeps sweat and odor under control without any chemicals, I did us all a favor and put Pacifica’s Coconut Milk & Gardenia Underarm Deodorant Wipes ($9/30; to the ultimate test during a workout.

First, here’s how the wipes work: Each 100-percent vegan, aluminum-free wipe is soaked with a blend of coconut milk, gardenia, shea butter, castor oil, and glyercin, amongst other ingredients void of harsh chemicals. Together, they work to prevent excess perspiration and keep unpleasant smells away. And if you aren’t a fan of botanical scents, the wipes come in a variety of other flavor combos like kale and coconut milk.

To be honest, I don’t sweat excessively, but I usually use clinical strength antiperspirant because I hate feeling wet, and on humid N.Y.C. summer days, catching the faintest whiff of myself when I’m holding onto the overhead pole on the subway. And while I’ve tried natural formulas before, none have had quite the staying power I look for in a stick of deodorant.

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Since I work in an open-concept office and didn’t want to risk the wipes not working at all when I sit in close-quarters to my co-workers, I gave each of my underarms a swipe with a wipe before heading to a class at my favorite barre studio this past weekend. After an hour of planking, tucking, and reverse push-ups (all of which definitely made me break a sweat), I have my underarms the smell test. Surprisingly, even though I was sweating during class, I smelled just as fresh as I did before heading to the gym.

Consider a pack of these guys added to my gym essentials along with a water bottle and dry shampoo. Or, you know a foolproof way to freshen up this summer when your sweat glands are on a roll.