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I don’t usually whine about muscle soreness—well, as long as I am able to sit on the couch for the next two days after a particularly tough workout, watch TV, and have everything I need delivered to me. I don't even need to tell you that the situation I just explained never (like ever) happens, so as I walk down the hallway at work to the bathroom or down the subway stairs, you’ll probably find me mumbling several "ouches" and "omgs" under my breath. Maybe I'll even throw in a sigh or a deep breath here or there.

A long, incredibly steaming hot shower to aid in dulling the soreness (and the complaining) is usually my savior, but I recently came across a product from Origins that enhanced that relief by what felt like a million percent.

Here’s the deal. Origins Warm Down Warming Lava Scrub ($35; sephora.com) actually heats up as you rub it in while in the shower (hence the lava in the name), relieving tension and pain and cleansing your skin.

Normally, I just stand under water that I know is way too hot for the health of my skin. But hey, when you can’t lift your arms up, you do what you gotta do. This, however, alleviates that beauty prob and exfoliates my skin at the very same time.

The formula is enhanced with ingredients like volcanic ash and an essential oil blend, which makes the whole thing smell like a spa.

You’d think it would be kind of scratchy, given the ash in its name, but it’s actually creamy (almost a milk, really) and glides over your skin like a body wash. Obviously, there are exfoliators in there, so it also feels slightly textured to get rid of all that dead skin.

After a insanely difficult week of exercising, I hopped in the shower (and by that I mean basically cried when I lifted my leg to step into the shower) to test it out. I applied the product to my hand and started rubbing it on my damp shoulders. I was shocked (yes, actually shocked) to feel the product start immediately heating up. It was like what I would imagine a hot stone massage would feel like in a shower—but better.

I treated my shoulders, thighs, and calves, and then repeated the entire process.

I know that eventually my muscles will get used to my routine and I won’t feel as sore, but when I switch up my routine (the weight room is calling my name), there’s no doubt in my mind that the best kind of pain (aka sore, lactic acid filled muscles) will reappear. And so will this bottle in my shower.