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Rituali-Tea Lead
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Multi-masking is an indulgent ritual that treats a number of your issues while enabling you to sit and relax, which means totally zone out and watch TV, obviously. But I'm a woman who, when given the option, likes to up the ante. So how do I do that with a masking routine that already encompasses all of the elements that I obsess over? You add a body mask, duh.

Body masks are a thing now, and not just for when you're at the hot springs in Iceland. I became acquainted with this practice thanks to the new Origins Ritualitea Matcha Madness Revitalizing Cleansing Body Mask, and this is why you should get familiar with this treatment for yourself.

What It's Called:

Origins Ritualitea Matcha Madness Revitalizing Cleansing Body Mask

How Much It Will Set You Back:

Buying all those replacement house supplies you've been procrastinating or... $31; macys.com

What Makes It Special:

Put this body mask/scrub to a teensy bit of water and massage the goodness all over your limbs. Much like yummy drinkable matcha, it will help revitalize your arms and legs by leaving you with softer skin and a fresh, exfoliated appearance when you buff it off.

Who’s It For?

The person that's looking for a little more indulgence in your routine.

When to Use It:

A couple of times a week, in the shower.

What the Internet Is Saying:

What It Smells Like: