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Origins Face Mask Primer LEAD
Credit: originsusa/Instagram

Confession: If I turn down an invitation by responding that I already have plans, it’s highly likely I don’t actually have a previous commitment , I’m sitting on my couch with a face mask on and scrolling through Netflix until I get too bored to choose what to watch. Whether it’s of the sheet or cream variety, a good mask is the skin care equivalent of indulging in a few spoonfuls of Ben & Jerry’s once, sometimes twice a week. Instead of satisfying my sweet tooth, this ritual not only detoxes my complexion, but my mind from the week’s events.

Although I consider myself to be somewhat of a face mask expert, I’ve secretly been missing a crucial step I didn’t know I needed—until now. Origins Maskimizer Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer ($22; origins.com) is a pre-mask treatment that works with any face mask formula other than those that peel off. Just like a makeup primer, it’s to be sprayed on before you apply your mask of choice.

A few spritzes of the spray is designed to prep and optimize skin for the mask to follow, in addition to making it easier to spread on and rinse off. Its formula also contains marine alae complex, an anti-irritant and hydrator, that helps soften and plump your complexion.

You’re probably thinking, “Is a pre-mask mask really necessary?” but hear me out. Up against a thick, rich clay-based mask that usually goes on like a hard stick of butter, the primer helped the mask glide on like it was melted and taking it off was a whole lot gentler than the rubbing I normally do as a last resort. Post mask, my skin was neither dry or irritated but smooth and full. Consider the few spritzes of this primer a justified reason to prolong your promaskinating.