This Serum From a Hilary Duff-Approved Brand Is a "Miracle" for Reducing Fine Lines, According to Users

The “heavenly” serum leaves a “radiant glow.”

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This Serum Is a "Miracle" for Reducing Fine Lines, According to Users
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It's hard to judge a book by its cover, and the same thing can be said about skincare products. When it comes to Odacité, the brand's shiny black vials don't tell you much about the potent formulas that lie within — but that's where the countless glowing reviews come in.

The line is a favorite of both Hilary Duff, who uses the brand's bath soak and shampoo bar, and celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno, who frequently raves about the company. And per shoppers at NakedPoppy, an AI-powered clean beauty retailer, the mix of oils in Odacité's Acai and Rose Facial Serum Concentrate is a "miracle" for brightening skin and softening fine lines.

As one person detailed, the Concentrate "really helped" smooth their wrinkles as it added hydration, and another said it calmed their sensitive skin so efficiently, any blotchiness disappeared completely. More people commented on the increase in suppleness they saw from the serum, as well as its "scrumptious" scent — a result of the bouquet of oils included in the formula.

Acai + Rose Facial Serum Concentrate

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Açaí, rose, neroli, bitter orange, jasmine, and ylang ylang oil are all at work to create this aromatic formula, so the fragrance is as pleasant as you'd expect. The hydrating effects are "heavenly," one user said, even for their highly dry skin — and while some moisturizing products can feel too heavy or oily, another fan with combination skin said it also balanced their oily T-zone so well, they're on their third bottle of the Serum Concentrate.

Clearly, that sentiment is shared by dozens of customers. Per one user, the serum brightened their face, "for sure" reduced their wrinkles, and gave them a "radiant glow." The $58 price tag is the only downside, but if you can swing it, users confirm the "instantly" softening oil pays off, and a single drop goes a long way.

Shop Odacité's fragrant Acai and Rose Facial Serum Concentrate for $58 at Naked Poppy.

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