This Jennifer Aniston-Approved Device Gives Me a Facelift at Home — and It's Selling Out Quickly at Nordstrom

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My favorite thing about celebrity interviews is their never-ending, unwavering, and profound dedication to lemon water. I'm pretty sure if you started a tally, nine times out of 10 when a supermodel or actress is asked about their skincare routine or diet, they will mention lemon water more than once. And it's not that I don't believe them, it's just that I've been drinking water with a splash of lemon for years and have yet to wake up looking like Bella Hadid.

As any dermatologist or esthetician will tell you, getting the kind of glowy skin worthy of a Glossier ad takes a lot more work than just drinking fruit-infused H2O. There's essences, moisturizers, night-time serums, and funky-looking skincare devices to be bought and used religiously. Up until recently, I had everything except for the latter, mostly because the thought of using anything on my face that looks remotely like a robot scares me.

And then a couple months ago, I got a facial that really had me reconsidering everything I thought I knew about those bizarre, bulky machines people seem to be rolling over their faces on Instagram every other week. During this facial that gave me the greatest skin of my life (when I left the salon, it looked like I had slept for an entire week and drank 100 liters of the lemon water), the esthetician used microcurrent treatment. If that sounds scary, that's because for a brief second it is. After I got over the initial stinging sensation, she explained that the microcurrent mimics the natural current of our skin — which keeps it youthful, but slows down like metabolism over time — and goes skin deep to tone facial muscles and contour. The treatment left me looking like I had a face lift and my cheeks have seriously never felt so defined. When I mentioned how I wished I could microcurrent at home, she told me I could do so with NuFace's Toning Device.

I had seen the NuFace Toning Device on Instagram multiple times, and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba all use it too. Because I travel a lot, I opted for the NuFace mini Facial Toning Device, which retails for $199 but is on sale at Nordstrom's Black Friday sale for $149. At first, I was scared to try it out on my own, but the device is FDA-cleared and is both natural and non-invasive so I got over my initial fear after opening the box. Plus, it's way more affordable than one fancy facial.

And unlike my facial, which took over an hour, using the NuFace toning device takes fifteen minutes. First I cleanse my skin and apply the gel primer. I start lifting my facial muscles by gliding the toning device over my face and neck for five to ten minutes. To finish, I massage any remaining primer into my skin and I can instantly notice a difference. I've been using the device three times a week for the past couple of months and my skin has never looked better or more firm. Plus, I'll use anything that Jennifer Aniston uses if that means I can look even remotely like her when I'm fifty.

NuFace doesn't just make a toning device for your face, it also recently released NuBody, which firms the skin anywhere on your body and helps smooth dimples. If you're more concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, it also has a FIX Line Smoothing Device that directly targets microcurrent energy to tighten skin. While all of these skincare devices are typically pricey, everything is on sale during Nordstrom's Black Friday sale for as little as $112. Considering NuFace never goes on sale and that the non-mini NuFace Trinity Toning Device is already sold out, this is a deal you shouldn't think twice about — and you can always just drink some lemon water after.

Shop the NuFace Facial Toning Device along with all other NuFace toning products at Nordstrom's Black Friday sale, below.

NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device

NuFACE mini Facial Toning Device

Shop Now:$149 (Originally $199);

NuFace FIX Line Smoothing Device

NuFACE FIX Line Smoothing Device

Shop Now:$112 (Originally $149);

NuBODY Skin Toning Device Set

NuFACE NuBODY Skin Toning Device Set

Shop Now:$267 (Originally $399);

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