By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Oct 06, 2016 @ 3:15 am
Lemon Organic Skin Boost - LEAD
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I spend a good deal of time moisturizing. That said, I also have sand paper dry skin on my body, so my penchant for moisture probably stems from that. I try a lot of moisturizers, and I like a lot of them, but one in particular I've tried was formulated with incredible aromatherapy benefits that made me do a double take. This is because I found myself massaging a healthy dose of it into my skin whenever I felt a lull in my energy and even when I was feeling low. The magical product's name is the Nourish Organic Cream-to-Oil Skin Boost, and this is why it's more lovely than you could really imagine.

What It's Called:

Nourish Organic Cream-to-Oil Skin Boost

How Much It Will Set You Back:

A couple of on-demand movies or... $19;

What Makes It Special:

First of all, this product is genius because it comes out of the tube as a cream and then you rub it in to create a fragrant oil. It really is so gorgeous. It has lemon oil, which is high in vitamin C content and helps detoxify the skin, as well as brighten while dosing you with a scent that will bump up your mood. Cassia oil works to lift and tighten your skin, but it also provides a delightful warming quality to compliment the zestiness of the lemon. And then you have cinnamon bark and leaf extract which helps stimulate circulation and plump your skin. All together, it's a really energizing mix of scents.

Who’s It For?

Anyone who wants to take 60 seconds of me time in the middle of his or her day.

When to Use It:

Anytime you like, but particularly if you are in a bad mood, have dry skin, or you know, both.

What It Feels Like:

Smooth, nourishing, and luxurious.

What the Internet Is Saying:

What It Smells Like:

It doesn't smell like a classic lemon cream, but as it has the warmth and depth from the cassia and cinnamon. It kind of smells like a fresh cashmere blanket is enveloping you, if that makes sense.