Most Powerful Age-Defying Cream
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People Are Calling This the "Most Powerful Age-Defying Cream" They've Ever Used — and We Have a Sale Code

Retinol strikes once again.
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Retinol alternatives are all the rage these days for providing the same unrivaled anti-aging results with minimal irritation. But you don't have to give up on the original ingredient if you don't want to: There are plenty of retinol-based formulas that cause little to no adverse reaction, especially if you're smart about application. And right now, InStyle readers can score one of the least irritating retinol formulas out there for less with an exclusive code. 

The No7 Advanced Retinol Complex Night Concentrate may sound intimidating at first — especially with ingredients like retinol complex, advanced peptide technology, and matrixyl 3000+ (another peptide blend) — but even those who've never used retinol before are fans. Redness, flaking, and tightness are kept to a minimum thanks to a retinol optimizer, which slowly sinks into the skin over time, and a retinol soother that calms skin during absorption. This combination gives users transformative results at lightning speed without unbearable discomfort.

No7 Advanced Retinol Complex Night Concentrate
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Age-related concerns aren't the only issues retinol treats. Aishe Balic, esthetician and co-founder of Glo Spa, previously told InStyle that the ingredient "can also help people suffering from acne and clogged pores because it reduces oil production. Sun damage can also be brightened with retinol as well because of sped up cell turnover." And that rings true with this retinol concentrate; beyond seeing fast results on smile lines, forehead wrinkles, upper lip lines, and crow's feet (one person called it the "most powerful age-defying cream" they've ever used), reviewers are reporting "drastically smaller" pores after a week of use, a brighter skin tone, a less oily T-zone, and a clearer complexion.  

"I've had bad experiences with retinol before because it caused me to have small dry patches in random parts of my skin and left me feeling tight," shared one shopper. "This serum is amazing! I love the texture and it works fantastic on me. My pores are less visible, which is a tough part of having oily skin. I don't have any acne with it and there are no dry patches anywhere on my skin. Some nights when I use this I won't follow up with a moisturizer and it never leaves me feeling tight and dry."

"This product is great because even after one use, I could start to see everything soften up," said another. "I could also see improvements after just a few weeks [of] using it twice a week to the lines on my forehead and around my eyes. I've thought about getting Botox but I think this product may just save me from having to go there!"

Retinol is here to stay. Grab the No7 Advanced Retinol Complex Night Concentrate for 30 percent off with code NO730 today.