By Wendy Rose Gould
Updated Jun 15, 2016 @ 2:30 pm
iStockphoto via Getty Images

We all know the importance of applying sunscreen, and many of us religiously load up on the stuff every hour, on the hour, just like we're taught to do. The whole process gets a little monotonous, but if it means healthy, happy skin, it's totally worth it.

Imagine, though, if you could send yourself shooting down a waterslide that did all the sunscreen application work for you? Well, friends, that slide exists, and you can send your thank you letter to skin-care brand, Nivea, for coming up with the genius idea.

The sunscreen-doused waterslide—which, according to Adweek,hasbeen dubbed the SunSlide—was installed in Cape Town, South Africa, a city that apparently has one the world's highest skin cancer rates. It works by spraying SPF 50+ waterproof sunscreen through spray-jets as people go down the massive slide—don't worry, they're wearing goggles.

You can watch it in action here.