This TikTok-Famous Pore-Sucking Mousse Is Just $18 for the Next 24 Hours

It sucks out every speck of gunk.

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Tik Toks Viral Pore-Sucking Mousse Is Just $18 for the Next 24 Hours on Amazon
Photo: Instagram/@neogen_global

Finding a pore treatment that really works is like hunting for gold, so when the Neogen Pore Mousse went viral on TikTok back in September, it took skincare lovers by storm. Over 26,000 people flocked to The Beauty Spy to grab a bottle, and the treatment sold out in just four hours. If you missed your opportunity to try it then, your next chance has arrived — the pore-sucking sensation is just $18 on Amazon for the next 24 hours.

In the TikTok video, The Beauty Spy co-founder, Ryan Sullivan, demonstrates how effortlessly the mousse sucks out grime from his pores. His visible results are satisfying to say the least, and are owed to the gentle formulation. The mousse is made with alginic acid found in deep-sea marine botanical extract, which works wonders in evening out your complexion and removing impurities from deep within your skin. Product build-up and blackheads are whisked away in a matter of seconds.

When I first saw the video, I knew I had to put the hyped-up product to the test. After my first application, I wiped away the product's residue with a cotton pad to reveal dozens of black specks — most of the dirt within my pores had been removed. My skin felt much smoother than it did pre-treatment, and it stayed that way for several days. Beyond surpassing my expectations, I appreciated how gentle the mousse was on my skin compared to pore strips I've used in the past.

The Beauty Spy Neogen Pore Mousse

Shop now: $18 (originally $28);

Amazon shoppers have seen similar results from the product, many of whom claim their "pores were totally cleaned out" after one-go. One reviewer says their makeup goes on much smoother now that they've added the mousse to their routine.

"This stuff is AMAZING," writes one reviewer. "My skin is not that bad, but I could even tell a difference after my first use. My teenager, however, has bad acne with a lot of blackheads. This stuff literally wiped them away. It is so unbelievable! He will need to use it a few more times, but I think it will clear his face completely up."

"TikTok brought me here," another shopper says. "They weren't lying when they said this product works! I used it as part of my evening skincare routine one evening, and I could immediately tell the difference it had on my skin. Come the next morning, my face was G L O W I N G, super moisturized, and my pores were sizably smaller — even before my morning skincare routine. 10 out of 10, would recommend!"

Hurry — the skincare hero is marked down to just $18 on Amazon, but only for the next 24 hours.

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