My Boyfriend Is Obsessed With This Eucalyptus-Scented Body Wash, and So Am I

It's good for my skin and the planet.

CLEAN SLATE: My Boyfriend Is Obsessed With This Eucalyptus-Scented Body Wash, and So Am I
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For years, I've been hanging eucalyptus leaves in my shower to give myself a spa-like experience at home. There's something energizing about its scent that gets me up and going in the morning, and yet, it's also incredibly soothing, making it perfect for my wind-down showers before bedtime.

As a self-proclaimed eucalyptus snob, it's difficult to find a product that smells like the real thing. More often than not, candles, body lotions, et al. smell artificial and cheap. However, Nécessaire's Eucalyptus collection comes as close to the real deal as there is — and I'm obsessed.

The body wash has me in a particular chokehold. Just one squeeze of the gel-like formula makes me take a deep inhale and exhale — it smells so good. If I close my eyes while I lather it over my body, I feel ten times more relaxed than when I stepped in the shower — and I'm not the only one who feels similarly. My partner, who rarely gives me feedback on the products I fill our shower with, has started hogging it and even asks me not to use too much of "his" body wash. (Eye roll, but also lol.)

Apart from its delicious scent, we love its vitamin-packed formula. It's packed with niacinamide, vitamins A, C, and E, omega-6 and -9, and a handful of plant surfactants. Together, these ingredients work to effectively cleanse, nourish, and soften the skin. Plus, it's hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

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We're also on a journey to "greenify" our lives as much as we comfortably can, so Nécessaire's sustainability efforts are another factor in our love for this body wash. For starters, the bottle is made from 100% sugarcane, and instead of having a pump which is nearly impossible to recycle, it has a twist-off cap that opens a small hole at the top for product disposal that's made from mixed resin ABS/PP.

As if that weren't enough, the body wash is shipped in an eco-friendly way. The carton is made from 85% post-consumer waste and is FSC-certified. Nécessaire also has partnerships with sustainable companies such as TerraCycle and 1% For The Planet, and it's certified climate-neutral and plastic-neutral.

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Considering the shared love my partner and I have for this body wash, it's sure to have a permanent spot on our shelf. And while I may have to fight with him on who gets the last drop, thankfully, I get to enjoy Nécessaire's Eucalyptus Body Exfoliator all to myself.

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