This Is the Sexiest Body Wash I've Ever Used

The Splurge is our new weekly column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are actually worth it. This week, why we're rebuying Nécessaire's The Body Wash, despite the $25 price tag. 

Necessaire Body Wash
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When it comes to skincare products, I justify spending triple digits on a solid moisturizer or an effective serum. But, if I have to buy a new body wash, I reach for whatever's on sale.

Why am I so cheap with the skin on the rest of my body that I'm only willing to spend $5 on body care products? For the most part, the drugstore ones get the job done. I have eczema-prone skin, and although I love fragrance as much as the next beauty editor, many fancy, expensive washes out there have synthetic scents added to them, which are often a recipe for a bad flare-up. So, I've simply stuck with affordable, fragrance-free ones.

That is, until I tried Nécessaire's The Body Wash. Yes, the sleek bottle and its twist cap is basically made for an Instagram flat lay and the brand's serif font logo is enough to get any beauty packaging nerd going. No wonder it runs for $25 a pop.

Yep, I'm superficial about beauty products, which is initially why I was willing to risk the eczema flare-up and give it a try. Looks aside, the stuff that's inside the bottle is damn good, too. The wash comes in three different options: sandalwood, eucalyptus, and fragrance-free. Despite my aversion to scents, I'm a fan of the sandalwood wash. Known for being a sensual fragrance note, Nécessaire's sandalwood smells, well, sexy. What's even sexier is that it's naturally-derived from essential oils, so it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.

On top of the subtle scent, the formula is "pH optimized" and designed with sensitive skin in mind. The genderless body care brand founded by Nick Axelrod (co-founder of Into the Gloss) and Randi Christiansen (formerly of The Estée Lauder Companies) relies mostly on natural ingredients, which includes said essential oils to soften skin, fatty acids to moisturize, and antioxidants vitamins C and E to protect from environmental damage.

What also sets Nécessaire's body wash apart is its unique texture. The wash dispenses like a rich, dense oil but quickly lathers into a sudsy foam as you rub it onto your skin. Even though it lathers as much as the dish soap in your kitchen, it doesn't leave your skin feeling stripped and dried-out. In fact, my skin has been so soft and smooth after every time I've used it, that I would skip using body lotion after getting out of the shower if it wasn't winter. Oh, and most importantly, my skin did not feel like it was on fire afterwards because it didn't irritate my eczema at all!

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A long, hot shower is what motivates me to finally get out of my warm, cozy bed on cold winter mornings. Considering this Body Wash has made this daily ritual look and feel even better, paying $25 for it somehow seems worth it.

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