This Buzzy Skincare Brand Launched Its First Product Since 2018 — and 'InStyle' Readers Can Shop It Here First

It contains two powerful skin-brightening ingredients.

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Moon Juice New Launch
Photo: Moon Juice

When board-certified dermatologist Dr. Libby Rhee evaluated my skincare routine this summer, she noticed a major thing was missing: an antioxidant product. I'm someone who likes to keep their skincare routine pretty simple, so when Moon Juice let me in on its latest launch, I knew it'd be the perfect way to get those skin-protective antioxidants in without actually adding a new cream or serum in my rotation — meet the G Pack.

The buzzy skincare brand, most widely known for its powerful resurfacing Acid Potion, just added a shelf-stable vitamin C and glutathione powder to its lineup, which is meant to be mixed into a serum. It's Moon Juice's first skincare release since 2018, and InStyle readers can get it one week before its official launch. While you're likely pretty familiar with vitamin C and its brightening, anti-aging benefits for the skin, I know what you might be thinking — what the heck is glutathione?

The naturally occurring antioxidant is produced by the liver (and found in some fruits and veggies) to remove toxins and free radicals, but as a topical ingredient, it's known for its skin-brightening properties. "It fights against free radical damage and is able to reverse hyperpigmentation," board-certified dermatologist Dr. Karan Lal tells InStyle. When mixed with vitamin C, which is also an antioxidant with similar benefits, "glutathione may boost the effects of vitamin C and vice versa," Dr. Lal says. "They are both gentle ingredients and won't irritate your skin in a combination product."

Moon Juice G Pack

Shop now: $58;

The TL;DR? Moon Juice's G Pack can encourage collagen production, minimize the appearance of fine lines and inflammation, protect from oxidative damage, and overall, give your complexion a huge glow-boost. And, since it's in powder form, you don't have to worry about its shelf-life. "Powder products usually are more stable since they are formulated to be used at each encounter," Dr. Lal says.

G Pack is super easy to use; it has a tiny spatula attached to its top so you can add a scoop to your preferred product. The brand recommends using up to three scoops, but I've found that one scoop is plenty for me. I've been using it in conjunction with the brand's Plump Jelly — a super juicy hyaluronic acid and mushroom-infused serum — and have been seeing good results in the last month. My complexion, which usually has a tinge of red in it, has been noticeably calmer and fresher-looking. Dr. Lal says since glutathione reduces inflammation, "it can reduce redness" as well, particularly "from an inflammatory condition such as rosacea." "It is, of course, temporary, but it's part of why they call [it] a skin brightener."

Moon Juice Plump Jelly

Shop now: $58;

If your skincare routine could use an antioxidant boost, make sure to grab a bottle of G Pack before everyone finds out about it.

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