Is This $1,400 Facial Worth the Price Tag?

Expensive Facial 
Photo: Montage Beverly Hills

Awards season is right around the corner, which means Hollywood will be abuzz trying any and all beauty treatments to get glowing skin from head to toe in the new year. And the Montage Beverly Hills has launched a new treatment just in time that certainly caters to the Hollywood elite.

The Royal C Treatment, exclusive to the property, is the latest addition to the menu of luxury treatments at the Beverly Hills spa. What makes this facial so special, you ask? Well for starters, the treatment requires an Oxy Tech machine that runs $250,000 and is located in only seven locations around the globe. “The Royal C Treatment is incredibly special,” says Amelia Winfrey, spa director at Montage Beverly Hills. “It is unique because the machine uses jet-aviation technology equipment to spray extremely cooling microscopic drops of serum full of concentrated active ingredients of pure oxygen into the skin cells. It penetrates the skin much deeper than any other non-invasive facial, creating results you can’t get anywhere else.”

VIDEO: Watch an InStyle Editor Get Microblading

In addition, the treatment uses one of the most exclusive skincare lines in the world, L.Raphael, in addition to a rich infusion of anti-aging powerhouse Vitamin C. “At the beginning of the service, the skin care provider opens a Royal C Treatment kit for every guest. It has every product pre-portioned just for that facial,” says Winfrey. The key technologies involved in the treatment include oxygen, ultra-sounds, and electrical pulses to give guests skin that looks immediately firmer and lifted, smooth, plump, refreshed and glowing. Additionally, the facial provides strong anti-oxidant protection while reducing UV induced cell/DNA damage, which all adds up to the $1,400 price tag.

Why are we predicting this treatment will be the crème de la crème of awards season? Because it creates that youthful glow that everyone wants on the red carpet in 90 minutes, flat, and there is no downtime, in fact, Winfrey recommends getting the facial the morning before your big event. “This is the only facial I have ever seen that instantly gives you that glow. Your skin looks hydrated, your fine lines disappear and your skin radiates after this treatment. The results are phenomenal.”

For more information on the Royal C Treatment (90 minutes at a cost of $1,400), visit Montage Beverly Hills.

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