By Erin Lukas
Updated Jan 23, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
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As soon as Milk Makeup launched its cult-favorite Blur Stick, we almost instantly deleted the photo editing apps we used for our Instagram posts. The primer acts like your favorite filter by absorbing excess oil and smoothing over pores and fine lines with a soft matte finish.

Fast-forward a year later and Milk has made one of its best-selling products even better than the original. How's that possible, you ask? The Luminous Blur Stick ($36; has the same formula as its OG sister, but also leaves skin with a healthy glow—similar to how the light hits all of the right places on your face when you add the "pretty" filter on one of your Instagram Stories.

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It's spiked with universally flattering golden pearls that add luminosity to the skin, while blurring microspheres that minimize the appearance of pores and take care of excess oil. But, what really sets Blur Stick apart from other primers is that it can act as the main course of your makeup if you hate the feeling of foundation, or want a no makeup-makeup look.

After you run the lightweight stick on to your cleansed face in the mirror, you'll notice that your complexion looks the exact same as it usually does pre-makeup, just so much better and so much more glowy. Alternatively, you can also just apply it where you would your favorite highlighter.

And if you love full-coverage foundation so much that you just can't quit it, you can prep with the Luminous Blur Stick to help your makeup hold up longer, too. The smoothing effect of the formula helps makeup go on more evenly, and soaking up the excess oil from trouble spots like your T-zone keeps it from sliding off or oxidizing mid-day.

Your makeup routine before this primer entered your life? Consider it all a blur.