Mermaid Mask - LEAD
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As we take full advantage of these final days of summer, let's turn our attention to a product that'll make you feel like a glammed out mermaid. We're talking about Captain Blankenship's Mermaid Detox Face Mask ($30;, which sources loads of organic, skin-nourishing ingredients straight from the ocean. Seriously, if Ariel was into face masks, she'd use this one.

The product comes in powder form, and once combined with a splash of water, it transforms into a paste. You apply said paste to your skin and let it set for about five minutes before rinsing. The powerful ingredients—which include kelp, spirulina algae, bladderwrack, and nettle powder—will soothe, detoxify, nourish, and condition your skin.

Mermaid Detox Face Mask is recommended for those with oily or combination skin, and costs $30 for 1.4 oz.

I love it because it makes my skin feel clean, healthy, and soft to the touch. Also, because it's a powder, it's easy to travel with and lasts a really long time.

If you're looking for more products to help channel your inner sea goddess, Captain Blankenship also carries Mermaid Dry Shampoo, Mermaid Hair Oil, and Mermaid Hair Sea Salt Spray. So basically, you can get your mermaid on even if you only have access to a tub.