Meghan Markle Once Called This Wrinkle-Blasting Facial Oil "a Dream"

Shoppers say it’s like Botox in a bottle.

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Meghan Markle Once Called This Wrinkle-Blasting Facial Oil ‘a Dream’
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Meghan Markle is a California girl through and through, but believe it or not, she was once an unabashed New York City buff. Before she became the Duchess of Sussex, the actress and activist spilled her favorite Manhattan spots in an interview for lifestyle blog Citiphile. About halfway through, she let readers in on her go-to skincare store — and even revealed one of her most-loved purchases.

"I adore the Caudalie boutique," Markle told Citiphile. "Their anti-aging Premier Cru Elixir is a dream." The elixir in question has since rebranded as the Premier Cru Precious Oil, but it features the same formula the duchess once raved about.

The multipurpose facial oil is packed with anti-aging ingredients that deliver real results. First on the list is antioxidant-rich grapeseed oil, which nourishes and repairs dry skin. It's followed by jojoba oil, a dermatologist-approved staple that creates a protective, hydrating barrier over skin. The formula also contains prickly pear oil to improve skin's brightness. In a clinical study by the brand, 91 percent of volunteers saw visibly smoother skin after 28 days of use. In other words, it sounds like Markle's obsession was warranted.

PREMIER CRU THE PRECIOUS OIL The multi-purpose facial oil

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Caudalie's non-royal clientele seems just as enamored with the Premier Cru oil. "I love this product so much!! When I wake up my skin is tight, bright, and perfectly moisturized," one reviewer wrote. "It looks like I got Botox done."

Another customer said they're "getting younger each day" after bringing the product into their routine. "I use a few drops of this around the corners of my mouth and outer chin where I have sensitive skin and deeper lines." they added. "I couldn't believe it when I looked in the mirror after one night and the lines leading from the corners of my mouth were significantly less apparent."

You can buy the Premier Crew Precious Oil through Caudalie's website now. If the $89 price sounds steep, just remember that a single Botox treatment costs hundreds — and you can put this on right in your bathroom.

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