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The annoying summer skin situations don’t stop at sweaty upper lips and sunburn. Thigh chafing makes an evil comeback as shorts and skirt hemlines start to rise, and the rubbing tends to come along with a whole lot of pain, redness, and sometimes even a rash. But there is a solution, other than trying to discreetly (and mess-free) rub Vaseline on your upper legs throughout the day. Fashion blogger Katie Sturino knew this aggravation first hand and decided to solve the problem for herself, and start the conversation about an issue so many of us deal with, by developing a new product specifically for women.

"A lot of people don’t understand that thigh chafe affects women of all sizes," Sturino told us. "I have size 4 friends who are just as excited about this product as my size 18 friends because they chafe just as badly! Whenever I bring up thigh chafe, whether it’s in a personal or professional setting, I always hear from other women who think they’re alone in dealing with it. The truth is thigh chafe is just one of those annoying things that we deal with as women. I want to reduce the shame and stigma around something that so many of us deal with in a cute and fun way."

And that's when the idea for Megababe Thigh Rescue ($14; was born.

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While most product are marketed towards men or athletes, Sturino wanted to create a product that speaks to women, one she felt comfortable pulling out of her bag, and had an ingredient-conscious formula.

The deodorant-like stick, which officially launches on June 23, is made with ingredients like soothing superstar aloe, lime oil to heal, pomegranate seed extract to protect the skin, as well as grapeseed oil to promote collagen production. The formula essentially creates a barrier between your skin to eliminate friction, which then inevitably leads to chafe. All you have to do is swipe on the trouble area and you’re good to go.

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"Before I leave for the day, I apply liberally to my inner thighs and then head out for the day," the founder said. "I always bring it with me because if its super hot or I am walking a ton, I want to be able to reapply if need be."

But thigh chafing isn’t the only problem this fashion blogger is tackling. On July 15, she’ll launch Bust Dust, a powder that helps to ward off boob sweat. Have our summer prayers finally been answered?