We've been there, lady.

Maude Apatow of Other People
Credit: Maarten de Boer/Getty Images

Maude Apatow is like any other incoming college freshman -- she just wants to put her best foot (and face) forward when she hits campus. And just like any other coed, she is prone to suffering from spray an fails.

The actress shared a selfie looking more than a little disgruntled with the results of a spray tan session, although if we're being honest, we actually can't see the problem ourselves. Maybe it's the lighting, maybe Apatow is being too harsh of a critic, or maybe the girl is just too gorgeous to look bad despite turning orange, but we wish our spray tan nightmares looked like this.

The good news is the color will fade away in a few days (maybe quicker if she uses a great exfoliator) and she can chalk this up to a beauty moment gone awry. And at worst she can use it as a hilarious ice breaker when she meets her college roommate. Silver linings...