Before Kylie Skin, there was Mario Badescu Facial Spray.

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Credit: Instagram/KylieJenner

There are a few affordable skincare products that hit the mark so spot-on that they are launched into a sort of beauty hall of fame amongst editors and aficionados alike. Bioderma comes to mind, as does CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser. And, of course, there’s Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater.

This hydrating spray is one of those products you’re introduced to when you first ‘get into’ skincare. It’s fun, it smells good, and it gives you a quick jolt of hydration right when you need it. But unlike some of our other early go-tos that didn’t stand up over time (looking at you, apricot scrub!), Mario Badescu Facial Spray is not only safe and gentle to use, it’s a great addition to a skincare routine of any level.

Well before Kylie Jenner launched Kylie Skin, this was one of her mainstay products for maintaining a healthy complexion. The hydrating toner delivers a mist of soothing aloe, rosewater, thyme leaf extract, and other gentle botanicals to alleviate tight and dry skin, even over makeup.

One of the reasons we keep buying this handy facial spray again and again is, yes, it works like a charm, but it’s also extremely affordable. At just $7 per four-ounce bottle, this might already be the lowest-priced item on our shelfie. Today, thanks to Amazon Prime Day, this cultish facial spray is even cheaper. Take an extra 25 percent off by adding this product to your cart.

Prime Day is only live for less than 18 hours, so you have to act fast to get in on this deal. We recommend stocking up on the skincare essential while prices are so low.

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