This cult favorite, celeb-approved face oil sold out three times

Meet the Cult-Favorite Algae Face Oil Chrissy Teigen, Olivia Munn, and More Celebs Swear By

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It's that age-old debate: moisturizer or face oil? While plenty of people would reach for the former, especially those prone to a shiny T-zone (because oil plus oil can seem counterintuitive), a good nutrient-packed face oil can do wonders for all skin types. What's more, it can actually hydrate the epidermis more than any ol' cream moisturizer and can reduce sebum production, a major bonus for oily skin. So, then, the answer seems obvious: Oil is the way to go.

The market is chock-full of great facial oils, but there's one that's been taking the celeb beauty scene by storm as of late: Mara's Universal Face Oil. In fact, in the past week, both Chrissy Teigen and Olivia Munn took to the 'gram to praise the beauty buy's face-saving powers. Teigen deemed it her "jam" while Munn simply posted a selfie with the caption, "been using that algae + moringa face oil from @themarabeauty." Both were looking as glowy and fresh-faced as ever and they likely inspired a slew of their followers to scoop up the top-rated skincare buy that has sold out three times since launching in 2018.

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If you're new to the face oil game — or simply looking for a fresh addition to your lineup — Mara's algae face oil that's suitable for all skin types (hence, the word universal in its name) is sure to be your calling card. It's jam-packed with delicious (for your skin) nutrients that hydrate, fight wrinkles, and improve the overall appearance of skin tone, texture, and firmness. Some standout ingredients are moringa — a superfood packed with over 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, and vitamins A, B, C, D, and E — that quenches thirsty skin and gives it a radiant glow; age-defying Algae that's full of phytonutrients and fatty acids to plump, firm, and smooth; and baobab that's chock-full of vitamin C and antioxidants that brighten, increase collagen production, and reduce signs of aging. 

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In short, this cult-favorite face oil tackles all of the most common skincare concerns, and it might just replace your go-to moisturizer. Good thing it's so easy to use — simply apply a half-dropper full to clean skin day and night, and your complexion will look bouncier and more youthful than it did the day before. The best part? It soaks in instantly, which means no greasy residue afterward (one reason many people avoid using a face oil altogether). 

With an impressive list of ingredients and an impressive list of fans (one that includes Teigen, Munn, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Molly Sims, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Jen Atkin, and Katie Jane Hughes, plus plenty more), it's easy to see why this top-rated face oil keeps selling out. Get yours before it's gone again.