You NEED to See Lush's New Holiday Bath Bomb Collection

The only thing better than a bath bomb is a Rudolph Bath Bomb.

Lush Holiday Lead
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If you were to go on Lush's website right now, you would notice not one, but two holiday buttons. While we've already ranted about how Lush's Halloween offerings are the perfect way to celebrate October 31, their new collection is getting us pretty pumped for the upcoming holiday season.

There are so many offerings that we never got to the bottom of the page (scrolling takes energy guys), nonetheless we're obsessed with everything. Lush's holiday collection has everything from a Father Christmas bath bomb to a Penguin Bubble Bar, but our personal favorite is the cute AF Ziggy Stardust snowman bubble bar.

If you're a major bath person, or Lush fan, this is the perfect way to treat yourself as the weather gets colder.

The collection also includes pre-wrapped gifts, which are literally the best kind of stocking stuffer.

Prices range from $5 to $300, in case there's someone you really like in your life, ya know? The whole collection is giving us Whoville vibes, which can never be a bad thing.

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