By Erin Lukas
Updated May 16, 2019 @ 10:30 am
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Lord Jones CBD Oil
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The Splurge is our new weekly column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are actually worth it. This week, why we're rebuying Lord Jones' High CBD Formula Body Oil despite the $65 price tag.

We've reached peak CBD mania. As a beauty editor so many gummies, supplements, tinctures, lotions, and bath salts featuring the "it" ingredient come across my desk that it's impossible to try all of them let alone keep track of which ones are actually legit.

Lord Jones is one CBD brand that's stood out among the rest that have popped up in recent years. The line has gained such a cult-following that it's become the only CBD-infused line available on Sephora's site. I'm was already a fan of Lord Jones' gum drops and cooling lotion, but the sample I recieved of the High CBD Formula Body Oil had been sitting in my bathroom cabinet for months before I ever picked it up.

Typically, I hate body oils. No matter the formulation, they never completely dry down on my skin. I finally swore off of oils after getting grease stains on a few sets of sheets and one very expensive dress. However, the lingering pain I have from the car accident I was in last weekend made me willing to give body oils one last chance.

My Uber driver ran a red light. It was terrifying, but I'm ok! — except for a very bruised knee and sore neck. That's where Lord Jones' High CBD Body Oil comes into play. For anyone yet to try the ingredient, CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties which is what makes it a great ingredient for relieving muscle or joint pain. And since oils typically penetrate the skin deeper than lotions, I had high hopes (lame pun intended) that this CBD product could actually help soothe my very stiff neck.

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What surprised me the most about this body oil is that the roller ball distributes just the right amount of product when you glide it over your skin. I massaged it into my neck, and it actually absorbed quickly without leaving any greasiness. My skin felt soft, not slick — a feeling I've never experienced with body oils before.

Above everything else, my neck pain was gone as soon as the oil absorbed into my skin. Since I've been applying it before bed, I don't know how long the relief lasts, but post-accident, just laying down hurt my neck so much, it was keeping me up at night.

The pain relief, however, doesn't come cheap. While a little bit of Lord Jones' Body Oil goes a long way, a 30mL bottle of it costs a cool $65. It's not exactly wallet friendly, but if using it means I can get a good night's sleep while my neck is healing, in my humble opinion, the price is well worth it.

Uber has reimbursed me for my ride, but maybe I can get them to cover my next bottle, too.