How I Apply My Moisturizer, SPF, and Primer in a Single Step

Live Tinted's Hueguard is the epitome of multitasking products.

At the start of the pandemic, my skincare routine was one of the few self-indulgent moments I had while bunkered down at home, save for weekly Seamless orders from my favorite vegan Mexican restaurant.

Now, that my social calendar actually has events on it, and I'm beginning to schelp back to in-person work, I've found myself rebounding to my pre-pandemic way of following a quick, but efficient skincare routine consisting of multitasking products.

Live Tinted's first skincare launch, Hueguard, gets the assignment. The SPF 30 mineral sunscreen is actually a triple threat, also acting as a moisturizer and primer. The formula includes 18% non-nano zinc oxide for UVA, UVB, and blue light protection, and has a marigold tint that prevents the infamous white cast that mineral sunscreens can leave behind. Hueguard's matching yellow tube is made from post-consumer recycled materials.

Live Tinted Hueguard Sunscreen Review

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Live Tinted founder Deepica Mutyala created Hueguard with people of color in mind, taking into consideration the struggles the brand's online community have shared they've experienced with sunscreens, especially physical formulas leaving white, chalky residue on their complexions.

While I'm personally privileged to not have to deal with the same level of white cast as melanated skin tones, Hueguard has blown me away because it effortlessly blends into my skin without the need of massaging it for 30 seconds like I have to do with many other mineral SPFs.

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The formula feels weightless and also leaves my skin with a smooth texture that's optimal for applying concealer or foundation, both of which I've been wearing more of as I find myself having more IRL commitments.

So, on those inevitable mornings where I'm running late and actually have to be somewhere outside of my apartment, you best believe I'll be reaching for Hueguard.

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