The Internet Is Obsessed with This Slow-Mo Waxing Video


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Photo: Valentyn Volkov/Alamy Stock Photo

Waxing is one of those beauty rituals that feels more like an obligation than a luxury. I have yet to find someone who can actually relax during a wax, particularly when we're talking about the legs or bikini area. The smooth results are amazing, but the process is downright painful. Despite all of this, the Internet has become obsessed with a slow motion video of leg waxing. So obsessed, in fact, that the video has racked up over 1.6 million views.

Who knew we were all so intrigued with hair removal?

Now you can live someone else's pain at 28,000 fps (frames per second), cringing as every hair follicle is ripped away. Yet, for some reason, it's hard to look away.

The clip was created by The Slow Mo Guys who host a web series that, you guessed it, takes stuff and slows it down to get a different perspective. In slow mo, leg waxing looks kinda violent. We're really glad that the entire process goes a heck of a lot quicker than shown in the video, and that our preferred wax studio hires pros with an efficient approach.

After watching the various close-ups the web series hosts capture, you'll never look at your next leg waxing appointment the same way again.

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