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Fruits and veggies are good for you. It’s a lesson you learned and accepted years ago as a child. You know, back when your parents dropped a side of broccoli on your plate at dinner, even though you really wanted mac and cheese and chicken nuggets.

But did you know that they could be good to your face, too? Well, that seems to be the logic with the new LEADERS SuperFood sheet masks ($6;, a series of #SpaNight finds made with broccoli, orange, tomato, and more.

The packaging is what really got me. The colorful produce is printed all over the outside of the mask packet, and it really stands out.

Of course, packaging is only so great if the product doesn’t perform. So how did these babies measure up?

While no one can discount argan oil, products with broccoli don’t land on my desk often, so that was the first test. I also decided to that it as a subliminal message that I should probably up my greens intake the next day.

I unwrapped the package to find a standard sheet mask, yet it did feel quite sturdy. I hate, hate, hate when I accidentally tear sheet masks when attempting to put them on, so this was a bonus.

Where does the broccoli come in? Well, I didn’t find chunks of stalk in my mask, for starters. It’s made with broccoli extract, which apparently holds vitamin C and beta-carotene to help protect your skin from the environment. It's also made with coconut juice, so basically your face is having a healthy feast.

You leave it on for about 20 minutes (the usual) and watch TV. OK, the second part isn’t mandatory, but it’s what I do when I’m wearing a mask.

I peeled it off to find that my skin felt refreshed (I spent all day in the sun and it was 10 PM) and hydrated. No, my face wasn’t green and didn’t smell like the veggie, either.

But this series isn’t just about ample hydration. The Orange mask addresses skin tone, while the Tomato version works to strengthen your skin.

Usually around 3 PM all I want is M&Ms, but currently, all I want is this mask and the broccoli power that comes with it.