I won’t get ready for a special occasion without it.

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Amazon Sheet Mask
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I don’t think there are three words more ominous than “wedding day skin.” OK, there might be a few, but the fear of having lackluster skin for any special occasion, particularly your wedding, is real. I was petrified of not having my best skin on mine, so I did everything I could to prepare, which meant stocking up on my favorite sheet mask: Leaders Mediu Amino Clearing Mask. Just 20 to 30 minutes with this amino acid- and vitamin C-packed sheet delivers camera-ready skin every time I’ve used it.

Our first encounter was unplanned. I have dry, sensitive, breakout-prone skin that’s easily reddened and irritated — and I also have a tendency to pick when I’m stressed. After a particularly gnarly blackout spent pressed against my bathroom mirror, I waved my white flag to the ever-hovering temptation and buried my guilt in a random pull from my stash of face masks. Without over-analyzing the label, I slapped it on, and when it dried a half-hour later, I went to toss it and caught a glimpse of my reflection. She. was. glowing, and my squeeze fest’s inflammation had dramatically lessened. After that, it was ‘til death do us part.

Now, getting ready for a big event is incomplete without this $3 mask. It preps skin for makeup like a dream, leaving a smooth, balanced, glowing canvas behind. According to the official product description, it contains 17 different types of amino acid, “which are natural moisturizing factors” that “moisturize, protect, and soothe the skin by supplementing the essential ingredients for skin composition.” Vitamin C and lotus extract protect against environmental aggressors. It’s ideal for treating dull skin, dark circles, and blemishes — a triple threat. Even the Paris Instagram filter has nothing on it.

Giving one a try won’t be too risky at less than $5, but if you’re interested in real value, you can purchase a pack of 10 for $14 on Amazon. I ordered some a few days before my wedding, and they arrived just in time for me to use them on the two nights prior, and on the morning of. Call it a bit obsessive, but it totally paid off, because my skin looked better than it ever has.

Now, when it’s in need of some love, or if, god forbid, I end up in another fit of picking, there’s no such thing as a “random” pick from my skincare to soothe and treat. I know exactly where to turn — to the little pink envelope that never lets me down.

Leaders Mediu Amino Clearing Mask
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