Lauren Hutton's Favorite Age-Reversing Face Oil Is 30% Off for Prime Day

Lauren Hutton's Favorite Age-Reversing Face Oil Is 30% Off for Prime Day

It's usually $99, so hop on this fast.
By Rachel Nussbaum
Jun 21, 2021 @ 2:00 pm
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For better and worse, photographs live forever (unless, say, you didn't have access to curly hair products and were left with bulky triangle curls through middle school, in which case that evidence is burned from the Internet). But for supermodels like Lauren Hutton and Cindy Crawford, iconic shots will keep reverberating until the end of time. And if you likewise lived a sun-soaked youth, those glorious throwbacks can be a reminder of good times leading to damaged skin — unless you follow Hutton's lead and adopt a powerfully anti-aging skin regime full of products that also just so happen to be 30 percent off for Prime Day. 

The model, activist, and StriVectin skincare ambassador told Vogue in December that after years of using soap and water, she transitioned to a potent routine to undo what soap couldn't. "My skin — I guess from so much sun and age — has gotten rough and funny-looking. I got really wild in my 50s, and I was spending eight months [a year] out diving," Hutton said. "I never wore a hat or that lotion you put on to keep the sun from coming in, so I now have parchment skin." 

Pairing with StriVectin led her to discover retinol via the brand's S.T.A.R. Light Retinol, a $99 investment that has been slashed to $69 for June 21st and 22nd. "I had never used retinol at all, and it's wonderful. I put on a few drops of its S.T.A.R. Light Retinol every night before I go to sleep, and I always put on a moisturizer," Hutton continued. She follows it with the brand's Wrinkle Recode Cream, which she compares to shapewear for skin. 

Shop now: $69 (Originally $99); 

"It's like a slip under the dress. I put on a matte moisturizer that's not shiny, because if it's shiny on old skin, you are basically putting runway lights in your lines," Hutton said. "You don't want to do that. You do not want shiny skin at all, but you do want a makeup slip. I like StriVectin's Wrinkle Recode Cream. It's helped my skin a lot."   

Shoppers see just as dramatic results, and especially sing the praises of the retinol oil's non-irritating, anti-aging prowess. "I've used one full bottle already, and seen an AMAZING difference in my skin with NO IRRITATION," one reviewer writes. "It's absorbed quickly into my face and makes it super smooth and reduces all of my wrinkles." Others say they've seen the wrinkles around their lips reducing, with two drops of the oil enough to "work like magic" and leave your skin smooth and baby-soft. 

Reviewers say they see their skin texture and tone even out after only a few nights, doing away with dry, flaky skin in a way that's stunning for a retinol (more often than not, retinol gives you flakes). "Fountain of youth," a shopper sums up. "So happy I found it. [I'm] looking younger each day as wrinkles fade on my forehead and between my eyes." 

The Wrinkle Recode Cream is just as effective, according to shoppers who describe their fine lines plumping up and having a new, healthy glow. It even stands up to heat waves, per a Florida-dweller who says they can wear it without any melting off. And much like Jane Fonda's favorite anti-aging cream, the cream delivers a rosy tone that instantly brightens and blurs while the ingredients work long-term.

Supermodel skin is just a Prime delivery of the skincare duo away, so take advantage of the brand's sale while you can. 

Shop now: $69 (Originally $99);

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