By Kim Peiffer
Updated Aug 15, 2017 @ 10:15 am
I Swear By - La Mer
Credit: Courtesy

I’ve been obsessively committed to applying eye cream ever since my early twenties (thanks mom, for that piece of life advice) and by this point, I refuse to settle for anything less than miraculous when it comes to what I apply on the most expressive areas of my face. I have my tried-and-true favorites and rarely do I take risks with something new once I’ve found something that works for me. But when La Mer clues you in on a little secret – that they’re launching a new one – you drop your commitments and you give it a go, because the chances of you not falling in love with it are very rare.

I experienced such eye cream euphoria with their brand new Genaissance de la Mer Eye and Expression Cream ($390,, a new addition to the highly praised Genaissance de la Mer collection, which launched globally in October 2015 with the coveted The Serum Essence.

VIDEO: I'm Obsessed: La Mer's Lifting Eye Cream

Just moments after applying, the rich luxurious formula melts into my skin, relieving my tired, puffy eyes created by late nights out and early mornings up. Yes, I was sold just on that account, but what really changed my eye cream devotion entirely was the difference I noticed after using it religiously for a few weeks. The puffiness was significantly reduced, and the dark circles and fine lines that keep me up at night (not really, but kind of really) seemed to be a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, the bottle – a champagne gold glass art piece in itself -- is a gorgeous addition to my bathroom counter. La Mer, you had me at hello.

Genaissance La Mer Eye and Expression Cream launches in September on, but you can get on the waitlist now to access the product before it launches here.