This Has Become My Go-To Cleanser Post-Accutane

Hear all about the formulation straight from the brand founder.

This Has Become My Go-To Cleanser Post-Accutane
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I've been off of my second round of Accutane for just over seven months now, and my skin is finally starting to return to a state of normalcy. What do I mean by that exactly? We all know that Accutane causes a plethora of side effects for users who are looking to essentially permanently rid themselves of severe acne.

That said, adopting a post-Accutane skincare regimen was a top priority for me in order to not let all of my hard work go to waste.

I have found that the most important part of maintaining an effective skincare and beauty routine post-Accutane has mainly encompassed three key factors: not stressing out anytime a zit occasionally appears, applying SPF on a daily basis, and using a cleanser that agrees with my skin. For me, that has been the Kubra Kay Purifying Duo Cleanser.

Long story short — this cleanser is my saving grace. It's powerful, yet gentle enough for my adjusting skin. The ingredients, which include glycerin and salicylic acid, are quality and don't interfere with many of the other skincare products I use. It's a perfect complement to the rest of my routine.

Here, I spoke with Khadidja Touré, Kubra Kay's founder, about the product development process, the story behind her brand, and the magic of the Purifying Duo Cleanser.

What went into the process of developing Kubra Kay's cleanser?

The Purifying Duo cleanser was a year-and-a-half in the making. I knew that I wanted it to have the following components: Gentle enough for daily use, effective in removing makeup, dirt, etc., without stripping your skin; [and having] our staple vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, and fragrance-free formula.

The cleanser was the hardest product for us to create to date. I wanted it to be unique because it had to be an actual staple product in a skincare routine, which meant that all of the components needed to be well-balanced. I selected and played with every single ingredient that went into the cleanser and was very involved with the lab. The first three versions of the cleanser were an absolute disaster until we got it perfect on the fourth try. I was very close to scrapping the entire project before I got the fourth version. I am really proud of how it turned out.

Some of the key ingredients include rose water for pH balancing, over five conditioning agents, lilac extract for anti-aging, ginseng extra for smoothing and balancing the skin, and salicylic acid to help remove dirt, bacteria, and grime.

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You have mentioned that you've struggled with skin issues in the past. How did this influence the products you create?

I created Kubra Kay Skincare because I wanted to create a simple and effective routine for everyday people. My skin has always been horrific, and when I tried to invest and start taking care of my skin, the journey was discouraging and lacked results. The two most significant areas that would have made a difference when I was on my journey were better education on ingredients and product formulation and a better understanding of what realistic (unfiltered) skin was supposed to look like.

At its core, Kubra Kay Skincare is a people-inspired brand on a mission to help shape the perception of beauty and its effect on people's confidence. At Kubra Kay, we aim to redefine what healthy skin looks like while empowering our customers to make more informed buying decisions. We do this by educating consumers through our social pages and empowering consumers to care for and feel confident in their natural skin.

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Can you describe why it is important to you to cater to people of all skin types who may be dealing with different issues?

It was imperative for Kubra Kay Skincare to be a brand that included varying skin types. It is extremely frustrating when you need products for your skin concerns, and there is a lack of representation.

How do you think that your efforts as a beauty expert are helping to normalize "skin neutrality" as opposed to "skin positivity" in the beauty industry?

Once you understand that people are posting the best of themselves — plus a little editing — you realize that you are comparing yourself to images that aren't realistic or even attainable. Acne, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation are typical, and part of your skin cycle. I try to normalize that by posting myself in those cycles. As a founder and skin enthusiast, I feel like I have an immense responsibility to show people the reality of my unfiltered skin regularly.

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