Kristin Chenoweth Uses Amazon's Best-Selling $9 Body Oil on Her Laugh Lines and Crow's Feet

The 53-year-old actress is the latest celebrity to share her love for the wrinkle-smoothing oil. 

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Kristin Chenoweth Uses Amazon’s Best-Selling $9 Body Oil on Her Laugh Lines and Crow’s Feet
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I have a soft spot for Kristin Chenoweth thanks to her stint in a canceled-too-soon show G.C.B. — and because as someone who is 5 foot, 2 inches, I love a short queen. (Chenoweth is famously 4 feet, 11 inches tall.) The award-winning actress also has a Lily Tomlin-level smooth and glowing complexion, which she attributes (at least in part) to an affordable skincare product that happens to be Amazon's number one best-selling body oil with more than 100,000 five-star ratings.

Chenoweth's go-to is the Bio-Oil Skincare Oil, and she recently told Prevention, "I want people to know about it. I love Bio-Oil." She added that if you're "consistent" when using it, the benefits are "huge." The oil, which counts celebrity fans including Meghan Markle and Kim Kardashian, has plenty of uses. If you're familiar with Bio-Oil, you might be most acquainted with its usage for fading stretch marks and scars, but Chenoweth says she applies it near her laugh lines and around the eyes.

This may seem like a somewhat surprising use of the oil, but it makes sense when you consider what dermatologist Dr. Anna Karp (who is a Bio-Oil partner) previously told InStyle: The natural plant oils and extracts in the formula are rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory benefits, she said.

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Not to mention, of the 100,000-plus perfect ratings, dozens of shoppers similarly use it for anti-aging benefits with great results. One reviewer wrote, "my skin has been rejuvenated, [my forehead] wrinkles are decreasing and nearly gone… I just feel like I will use this product for the rest of my life."

Another shopper added that they have been using this Bio-Oil product for years: "I am now 75 and no one believes me as I have the skin of a 60 years old, no wrinkles whatsoever and I attribute it to this oil."

Currently on sale for $9 — and still only $12 at full price — Bio-Oil's Skincare Oil is not only a bargain, but the type of skincare product that evokes praise like, "what is this sorcery?… It's hands down some of the best stuff I've ever gotten my hands on. Thank you magical wizard for creating this supernatural concoction."

Whether this is your initiation to the Bio-Oil or you're simply restocking, head to Amazon and add the $9 skincare oil to your cart.

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