So painful.
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Credit: Michael Stewart/WireImage

In a world where we're frequently reminded about the importance of consistent SPF application, we're all bound to have a slip-up once in a while. Whether we forgot to reapply, missed a spot, or skipped slathering on the skin saving product all together, accidents happen, which is why we feel really bad for Kelly Osbourne right now.

RELATED: You Need to See Demi Lovato's New Tattoo Osbourne shared a video on Instagram showing what appears to be a rather excruciating sunburn on her neck and upper back. We're talking bright red and clearly marked by the neckline of whatever top she must have been wearing. It makes us cringe with sympathy because we have so been there and no amount of aloe can completely alleviate that kind of pain.

According to her caption, Osbourne was only in the sun for 10 minutes and felt covered by shade when the burn developed, proving we're never truly safe from that giant yellow orb in the sky.

Keep applying that aloe, lady, and thanks for the reminder that we need to load up on the SPF no matter what.