Katie Holmes Loves This Firming German Face Mask for Soft, Smooth Skin

Shoppers say it makes the face feel like a baby’s.

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Katie Holmes Loves This Firming German Face Mask, and It's Seriously Discounted Right Now
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Katie Holmes is a pro at breathing life into new-again fashion trends (Reeboks! Overalls with Gucci! Quilted jackets!), but when skin ages, it usually stays that way. Which is why the best offense is a strong defense, with a skincare routine that includes the same brand that Jennifer Lopez relied on for years. That's right: It's two more winners from Dr. Hauschka, this time the German brand's Firming Mask and Revitalizing Mask.

While doing some recon on Holmes' beauty favorites, I came across a revealing assortment of her picks that outlet Who What Wear compiled last year. Among pricey favorites like Tom Ford blush, SK-II sheet masks, and Pestle & Mortar retinol night oil, was Dr. Hauschka's duo of skin-flattering masks, affordable in comparison at $35 each — and according to shoppers, super potent.

Tracing the tip back further, Holmes told Elle in 2013 that she actually sleeps in an SK-II Treatment Mask every night (okay, wow), but relies on Dr. Hauschka's Firming and Revitalizing masks for daily use. "I like to do them during Skype calls with my friends, just to keep it real," Holmes said. Both of the masks are beloved on Amazon, in line with the rave reviews that the brand's legendary Rose Day Cream garners.

Dr. Hauschka Firming Mask

Shop now: $35; amazon.com

Of the Firming Mask, a shopper in their mid-60s says the brand's the reason they always get compliments on their skin. That's likely thanks to the formula's all-star combination of ingredients: There's avocado oil, marsh mallow root extract, rose flower extract, sweet almond oil, olive fruit oil, jojoba oil, mango seed butter, shea butter, rose flower wax, and wild pansy extract (whew). Basically, it's forest-bathing for your face.

The Revitalizing Mask, on the other hand, wins five-star reviews for shrinking pores, soothing skin, and being an overall "godsend" in a tube. "This mask makes a huge difference," one shopper writes, adding, "My skin glows after I use it." Another says that they were dealing with chin acne for six weeks until they tried the mask for a week. Bing, bang, boom, it disappeared. Others say that 20 minutes with it on makes for instantly smoother, healthier looking skin.

"Best mask out there! It makes my face feel like a baby's," a different reviewer writes. "I have sensitive skin and this mask never bothers me. My skin looks young and fresh after use." Reviewers with dryness say it immediately heals their skin and calms down dermatitis, and the passion runs so deep that people say they're still in love after over 30 years of use.

Dr. Hauschka Firming Mask

Shop now: $35; amazon.com

The "exquisite" scent stems from a formula that's just as herbal as the Firming Mask, this time drawing on quince seed extract, woundwort extract, apricot kernel oil, borage extract, matricaria extract, wheat germ oil, wheat bran extract, carrot root extract, and propolis wax. The woundwort extract is particularly interesting, and goes back to the brand's roots (no pun intended). Per Dr. Hauschka, it's used in traditional medicine for wound treatment, which makes sense given the name. Likewise useful is the propolis wax, which is incredible for fighting off bacteria and free radicals.

A last shopper says they mix the Revitalizing Mask with the Rose Day cream for top-grade results — drawing on both powers that be, Lopez and Holmes, for a five-star routine. The good news? A little of each mask goes a long way, and even if you buy both, it's still less than the SK-II masks Holmes sleeps in each night. That's good news...right?

Both the Revitalizing Mask and Firming Mask are available on Amazon for $35 each, meaning your new favorite skincare products are just a few clicks away.

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