By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Sep 22, 2017 @ 10:45 am
David Livingston/Getty

And you thought lip masks were the only product truly worthy of an Instagram picture... Khloé Kardashian's makeup artist and longtime Kardashian glam squad favorite, Joyce Bonelli, has finally revealed some sneak peeks at the products in her upcoming beauty line, Joyce Bonelli Cosmétiques, and nothing has ever required a selfie more.

The makeup artist has created a Glitter Scrub Enzyme Mask that looks like literal diamonds are crushed up and smeared all over your face—it's that sparkly. In the same Instagram pick, she also gave the world a look at yet another product she's developing—Latex Lips—which we're assuming is a highly pigmented liquid lip formula with a slightly metallic finish.

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If three makes a trend, sparkly, glittery face masks are here to stay. Too Faced is currently developing a gooey glittery face mask, and GlamGlow, no stranger to a photo-op beauty moment, is releasing a shimmery version of the GravityMud Tightening and Firming Treatment.

Though we do have some questions—namely, what exactly is a Glitter Scrub Enzyme Mask? Seems like there's a lot going on there.

It seems like Bonelli's collection has been in the works forever, so we're psyched to finally see images of what's to come. On that note, we don't have an exact release date or even how much her products will retail for, but something tells us that Bonelli has a few more moments to share on Instagram.