125,000 Sephora Shoppers Love This One-Ingredient Body Oil

It can be used for your hair, nails, face, and neck.

Josie Maran Argan Oil
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It seems like whenever my skin is feeling and looking great, a rough spell is right around the corner. Right now, while practicing social distancing and staying inside for the majority of my days, it’s drier than ever. Because of this, I’ve started to do some heavy research on different skin hydrators that could bring some life back into my face, hands, and cuticles. I was expecting (and dreading) to have to buy multiple products that could target all of these dry areas, but during a quick stalking of Sephora’s best sellers, I found one super simple, super effective product that could cater to each of those needs — and it’s made with just one ingredient.

Josie Maran’s argan oil is made with, you guessed it, 100 percent argan oil that can be used all over your body to nourish and hydrate dry patches. Argan oil is filled with antioxidants, vitamin E, and fatty acids that can condition skin, hair, and nails. In addition to providing some much-needed relief to those areas, shoppers say that this oil is actually one of the best anti-aging skincare products around.

One reviewer called it her “secret fountain of youth,” and wrote: “I honestly feel that argan oil is my saving grace when it comes to slowing down the appearance of aging, and it has. No other product works as good.” The anti-aging effects make sense, given that argan oil has been clinically proven to reduce fine line and wrinkles while smoothing and hydrating the skin.

The love this product has is vast — it has nearly 125,000 hearts online at Sephora, so basically two NFL football arenas-worth of people are loving this oil. Not to mention, it’s got more than 7,000 reviews and a near-perfect rating, which, when it comes to beauty products, is a nearly impossible feat. The oil seems to be so beloved because it works with any skin type and can cater to a bunch of different skincare needs, like fine lines, wrinkles, or flaky skin.

It’s even gentle enough to be used by those with acne-prone skin. “I was worried about using a face oil as I have sensitive skin and was worried it would clog my pores and cause me to break out,” wrote one reviewer. “It doesn’t at all and my skin feels absolutely amazing.” Another reviewer said that, after noticing an “immediate difference” after just one use, they’ve been using this oil for nearly a decade. “I have never looked back,” they wrote.

The oil comes in three different sizes (mini, regular, and jumbo). And because you only need a drop or two with each application, shoppers say one regular bottle of the oil can last up to a whole year.

100 percent Pure Argan Oil Josie Maran Mini

Shop now: $17; sephora.com

100 percent Pure Argan Oil Josie Maran

Shop now: $49; sephora.com

100 percent Pure Argan Oil Josie Maran Jumbo

Shop now: $96 ($115 Value); sephora.com

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