Jennifer Hudson Says This Under-$30 Sunscreen Is So Moisturizing, It Feels Like She Just Got a Facial

A true drugstore gem.

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If there's one thing Jennifer Hudson has, it's an incredible glow. And the secret sauce for her beautiful complexion is wearing SPF on a daily basis.

While the performer admits that like many Black women, it took her years to start adding sunscreen into her daily routine, it's a staple in her regimen now. But Hudson shares that as someone with sensitive skin, she can't just put any type of product on her face.

That's why she swears by Olay Regenerist Whip Face Cream Moisturizer with SPF 25, a smooth, replenishing cream that also protects skin from the sun's damaging UV rays without feeling too heavy on the skin.

Here, Hudson talks skincare, beauty mistakes, and the importance of embracing your natural features.

What has been the biggest challenge for you when it's come to finding the right sunscreen? I think we often hear people talking about the white cast being a major issue, but that's not the only factor.

I don't like anything too thick on my skin, you know? That's most important to me, and I'm very sensitive. I need to know my skin is breathing. I need to know that if I need to apply makeup, the combination of the two isn't going to disturb the other — stuff like that. So I'm very particular [about] what's in it, the consistency of it, how it feels, and how it's going to leave my skin after using the products.

What do you love most about the Olay Regenerist Whip Face Cream Moisturizer with SPF 25?

The lightness, it allows my skin to breathe. I almost feel like I had a facial after using it. You know that feeling after you get a facial and your face feels so refreshed and moist and clean?


That's how it feels to me. I [love] knowing that it's breathing and not over-cluttered. After using it, my makeup artist said, "You've got your skin back." And I was like, "Mmhm."

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To shop: $28;

What's one beauty ritual you learned in childhood that you still keep up with to this day?

Let myself be as natural as I possibly can.

I love that.

Yeah, I think natural beauty is the most beautiful — I pride myself in that and that's when I feel most confident. When I can go out and people are like, "Oh, your skin looks amazing, you got on makeup?" Nope! As a celebrity, you have to wear makeup all the time. So when I'm off? It's all natural, as natural as I can possibly be.

Have you ever made a major skincare mistake?

Yes, I have to say yes. So many popped in my head when you asked me that, but I will say whatever you put in your hair comes out through your skin. Every blue moon, I let someone fool me into putting oils and all these different things in my hair and then I look around and it's coming out through the skin, so that's one. The second is not being conscious of what I'm using. I like to be specific about what I put in my body but what I put on my body as well. I've had to learn the hard way, but when you're in tune with yourself you'll be able to adjust and adapt.

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What is one beauty lesson you hope the next generation of women take with them?

Know that the beauty that you were born with is enough. I think back to when I was a kid. Do you ever go back and look at old pictures and think, "Hey, I actually look good."


But then when you were in that time, you hated this, you didn't like that, then you get into this place in life, and you're like, "I had it all along!" Too often that happens. So [it's important] to be able to know that what you have — naturally — is more than enough.

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