Jennifer Garner on Giving All Three of Her Kids DIY Haircuts During Quarantine

"I'll have to see if they have the guts to sit for me again."

Jennifer Garner/Neutrogena Interview
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Like everyone else, Jennifer Garner has been trying to make the most out of quarantine.

Aside from testing recipes for her #PretendCookingShow, sharing inspirational quotes just when you seem to need them, and posting delightful memes comparing Schitts Creek character Moira Rose's wigs to her Alias character Sydney Bristow's incognito looks, the mother-of-three has turned her house into a full-fledged beauty salon.

Over the past few months, the actress has mastered the art of the basic manicure and pedicure, children's haircuts, and the DIY blowout. Garner has even used sheet masks as collateral to ensure the family's Sunday cleaning day gets done.

Speaking of beauty products, the Neutrogena ambassador is well-stocked.

During our 10-minute catch up, Garner gets into the skincare products she's been using while social distancing, how she's helping her teenage daughter build out her first skincare routine, and the importance of sunscreen, especially when you're taking a number of family walks with your cat — on a leash.

What beauty skills have you picked up during quarantine?

I've been doing manicures and pedicures for myself and the kids, but I've always done their nails. I like short nails, but I've never been one to file. Now, I've been been filing, buffing, and then leaving them bare — and I'm ok with not painting them. I've also learned how to cut hair and I've given a lot of haircuts at my house. I've done two for my son, one for each daughter, and one for Moe, who works with me. That last cut was probably my crown and glory — it was a good one. Adir Abergel, who's been my hairstylist for over 20 years, helped me over FaceTime. He also showed me how to blow out my own hair for a Zoom interview I did for TV. I'm not one to do much makeup, but since I had to get ready for these TV interviews at home, I've been getting myself ready and really digging deep into my pile of Neutrogena goodies.

How did the haircuts go over?

It was okay because I had Adir right there on FaceTime talking me through it. I was using kitchen sheers because I didn't have hair ones and they actually worked pretty well! You kind of know what the cut should look like, plus we cut into the hair now instead of trying to get it straight across like we did when I was younger. The cuts have grown out really well, but they all need another one. I'll have to see if they have the guts to sit for me again.

What have been your go-to beauty products during quarantine?

I usually don't use masks, but I've been doing the Hydro Boost Hydrogel Mask. I don't think it even costs more than $4 and I have everyone in the house doing them. We clean the house on Saturdays and one time we all wore them while we cleaned. I've also been a lot better about taking the time to do serums at night, and right now I actually feel good about my skin. My whole Rapid Wrinkle Repair situation? I'm all repaired! And definitely, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. I like the Sheer Zinc Stick because it's easy for the kids to apply.

What have you and the kids been doing to stay sane during these past few months?

The hard thing is that the kids need to be outside and they need to be with other kids. So, I've been trying to set each kid up with a couple of socially-distanced playdates each week. Also, I've just been figuring out what we can do. We can play tennis, so we're working on learning to play tennis — I've never played before. We've been going on a lot of bike rides around our neighborhood. It's the same struggle everyone else has.

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You've also been taking your cat on walks in a stroller!

We were going on so many walks at the beginning of quarantine and my middle daughter stopped wanting to go. Bringing the cat along in a stroller was a bribe to help her get out of the house for awhile. We had the cat out on a leash in the backyard yesterday. I don't know if he is as big of a fan of the leash as we are of putting him on it. But, he does like to go outside. We don't let him roam around because we live in coyote territory, so we keep him nearby and bring him in and out with us. Luckily, he's very motivated by treats.

Your daughters are entering the age where you typically start to experiment with beauty products. Are they getting into your products yet?

I have one who is really into makeup and products and one who is not. It's hilarious to me because she will come in and use my HydroBoost Gel Eye Cream or Rapid Wrinkle Repair serum, and I'm like, "Kid, you're 14. You don't need hyaluronic acid." So, I got her a set of basic skincare products she can use on her own, like a foaming cleanser, makeup remover, and the occasional exfoliator. She loves the Transparent Facial Bar. It's a classic!

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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