Jennifer Aniston's Go-To Skincare Tool Is the Most Affordable Way to Get a Facelift at Home

Finally, I have time to use it all day.

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In theory, my skin should look amazing right now. I have, for the most part, stopped wearing makeup. My at-home workouts are not nearly as sweaty as my in-person megaformer classes. Unnecessary binge drinking at bars on the weekend for back-to-back birthday parties has been put on standby. I have not ridden a subway in weeks. And yet I write this with not one, not two, but three pimple patches on my face. They're stars, so they're cute, but this is really not how I anticipated this going. But I guess that's 2020 for you.

I keep hearing people say that being stuck inside will do wonders for our skin. But those people must not have heard that we are living through a pandemic right now. I spend a majority of my day in the fetal position, panicked, and anxious. This is not only bad for my back, I'm sure, or my mental state, I'm positive, but it's also definitely not great for my skin. And so I have pimples.

The glow that being alive while outside and doing things gives me has also definitely dimmed from my eyes and my face. The last time I looked in the mirror, I saw my dull skin and frowned. But since I also have unlimited amounts of time to be introspective and put together to-do lists and figure out how to make myself not frown, I quickly realized I had a medicine cabinet full of solutions. The number one option being the NuFace facial toning device, which, ironically, is the scariest looking thing in there.

I used to avoid skincare tools because, quite frankly, they looked like robots with prongs and I was scared. But then, after getting the best facial of my life, which involved a microcurrent treatment, I was hooked on the NuFace. My esthetician recommended it after I told her I wish I could do her facial at home for upkeep. NuFace's toning device is the same price of a single fancy facial but it can be used from the comfort of my home for 15 minutes a day to achieve the same result, which is essentially a natural, non-invasive facelift.

When the NuFace was on sale during Black Friday, I waxed poetic about how much I loved it and how I'm convinced when celebrities say lemon water transformed their skin, they're secretly talking about this — which I imagine they use while sipping lemon water and sitting on the edge of their marble bathtubs. Jennifer Aniston, Miranda Kerr, and Jessica Alba all use it and that is enough for me. I was using the tool religiously after my life-changing facial but when the new year started, I fell off. I got too lazy to do my skincare routine after late nights out. Maybe my body knew to prioritize times outside for what was to come. Regardless, my skin was definitely pissed.

Since all I do these days is stare at my face, I can now tell my lack of maintenance has taken a toll. My skin doesn't look nearly as firm and my cheekbones are less defined. Thankfully, I have tons of time to fix this wrong and have been back to using the NuFace everyday. I apply some of the soothing serum on my face and target areas, like my cheek bones and my jawline, and then move the device upwards across my face a couple times. The results are pretty instant, and suddenly I feel like my skin looks how it's supposed to after spending over two months inside with zero late-night pizza sessions in sight. Sure, I may still be in the fetal position after a bad headline panic spiral. But my cheekbones look amazing.

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