By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Aug 22, 2016 @ 12:30 pm
Jenn Im Skin Care - Lead
Credit: Courtesy of Simple Skin Care

When you voluntarily fall down the beauty rabbit hole that is YouTube, you’re likely heading over to learn how to create a certain makeup look or finally discover the secret to blending the perfect smoky eye. Taking off makeup, however… Probs not on the top of your list. But if you really think about it, these gurus gotta know a thing or two about removing foundation, blush, lipstick, and pretty much any other product. Turns out, we had the right hunch.

We got the chance to chat with YouTube star Jenn Im, the founder of Clothes Encounters and a woman who also happens to be brand new to the Simple Skincare Advisory Board. The brand’s micellar water is our jam, so we were psyched to know what she does before she hits up her PM moisturizer.

Interestingly enough, cleansing is her favorite part of her skin-care routine.

"Nothing feels better than taking off all my makeup off in the day. I always have to double cleanse, so I like to use Simple’s Hydrating Cleansing Oil ($13; first. I love that how the oil is able to break down all my makeup. Then after, I use Simple’s cleanser to make sure my skin is absolutely clean before I begin to add all my serums and moisturizers.”

Girl, we agree on all counts. A naked face before bedtime is pure happiness when you’ve been at work all day with makeup on. And while it’s different for everyone, Jenn actually credits double cleansing for her clear complexion. Um, taking notes!

Jenn Im Skin Care - Embed
Credit: Courtesy of Simple Skin Care

Another beauty product she swears by is a must-try if you wear a cat eye on the reg.

"My favorite skin care product is probably Simple’s Dual Effect Eye Makeup Remover ($8; The eyes are such a delicate area and harsh rubbing around the eyes can cause premature wrinkling. That’s why I love using Simple’s Eye Makeup Remover because it gently breaks down all my stubborn eye makeup, even waterproof mascara,” she tells us.

But you can't end a convo with a YouTube star without talking makeup trends.

As for those 100 layer videos? You don't see Jenn doing one anytime soon.

"I think they’re widely entertaining, but I don’t think I’d have the patience to film one myself," she tells us.

What you can find on her channel, though? "My favorite makeup trend right now is definitely the glossy editorial eye makeup look. I recently filmed a tutorial on how to achieve this look on my channel. As for new trends, I think the holographic highlighter might blow up. There’s this rainbow highlighter that has been going viral these days," she explains.

Yep, rainbow highlighter (and clear skin, for that matter!) for the win.