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Silk Pillow Case Slip - Lead 2016
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Forget graduating college and paying electric bills, I feel like my “grown-up” status became legit when I started caring about linens, thread count and all. It’s true. All I really wanted in high school was a Pirates of the Caribbean Orlando Bloom pillowcase, and before that, something, anything, that said “Mrs. Kutcher.” But tack on a few years and knowledge on how sheets can actually change your hair and skin, and I’m a changed woman. All this brings me to admitting that I’m head-over-heels in love with silk pillowcases.

On top of the fact that they just feel damn good and cool (cold pillowcases = heaven), my face feels less scratchy in the morning and my hair isn’t as static-y and knotted. My favorite happen to be from a brand called Slip, and they’re described as “beauty pillowcases.” I know, I know. It sounds like a bunch of marketing crap and only gets worse when you realize they ring up to $79 a pop. But it’s not a load of crap, promise, and after learning celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, who happens to be the Kardashian’s hair guru and creator of the amazing hair-care brand OUAI, swears by them too, I felt it necessary to tell you.

They’re kind of no joke and worth the hype.

Made from 100 percent silk, beyond any beauty benefits, they feel like heaven. They’re super soft, kinda slippery, and just downright luxurious. I have two in grey and cream and I make sure I put them on, as Amy Schumer says in Trainwreck, my main pillow I use. You know exactly what I’m talking about—the fluffiest, softest, completely proportional pillow that far exceeds the other three on your bed.

The science behind these pillowcases is that the silk allows your skin to hold onto more hydration, as cotton tends to hold onto moisture, or potentially pull it from your skin. It also creates less friction with your hair and the fabric, so that’s where the good hair day, no bedhead thing comes in. To be fair, sometimes I intentionally go for bedhead, but when I’m trying desperately to preserve a blowout, silk comes in handy.

That’s not to say you can only get these benefits from using Slip. I've experienced the same general delights with a standard silk pillowcase, and there are plenty of brands (like the blowout bar, DryBar) out there making products for this very purpose.

While I definitely still rely on my standard shams on laundry day, I have to say I agree with Jen. And honestly, even if the benefits are minimal, anything that makes your average Tuesday night feel fancy is fine by me.