Jason Sudeikis

Is This Spot Treatment Why Jason Sudeikis Looks Damn Good on His Global Entry ID?

An investigation.
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As someone who has always had unfailingly terrible government ID photos, I was shocked when Jason Sudeikis showed off his Global Entry ID in a "10 Things I Can't Live Without" video for GQ. It's almost ridiculous: His hair is effortlessly coiffed, his right eyebrow slightly arched, and there's the faintest hint of a smile — all of which exude an earnest "Sir, I'm just going home" answer to a customs security officer when asked his purpose for traveling. 

Frankly, it hurts how good it is. I had to know why he looked so flawless, and thankfully The Ted Lasso star also let the world know the one skincare product he can't live without in the video. It's a choice that — in his words — feels right "for a guy from the Midwest who doesn't pay too much attention to the way he looks." Move over, French pharmacy recs: Sudeikis trusts none other than Kiehl's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment, and honestly, it tracks. For a no-fuss, practical guy who's surely busy as a dad of young kids and creator of the extremely successful Ted Lasso (which just earned 20 Emmy Award nominations), it makes sense that he would choose an equally no-nonsense product as his skincare hero. 

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Kiehl's called the product "a spot treatment that targets problem areas on contact to help clear blemishes" — maybe that succinct, one-line description is why the very busy Sudeikis picked it up in the first place. Made with anti-inflammatory witch hazel, salicylic acid that's a common dermatologist-favorite to break down debris that leads to acne, and glycerin to hydrate skin, the Blue Herbal Spot Treatment can be used for up to three times a day on your acne. 

Tons of Sephora reviewers said it's their "go-to" product for newly formed acne, with one writing, "I've suffered from all sorts of acne issues and this helps me unlike most products out there. Doesn't over dry or irritate." Another swore it's the "best thing for blemishes," adding that thanks to the spot treatment, "the redness of a very aggressive blemish diminishes almost instantly (after an hour) and by the next day it has reduced by at least double." 

I wouldn't be surprised if the Spot Treatment is why Sudeikis' skin in his Global Entry ID (and on his GQ video) looked, well, spotless. Shop it at Ulta, Sephora, or Nordstrom now.