Shoppers Say Isle of Paradise's New Oil Mist Is the "Easiest and Most Pain-Free Way" to Self-Tan

Plus, it’s already topping the Sephora charts as a best-seller.

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New Isle of Paradise Oil Mist
Photo: Courtesy of Isle of Paradise

If you're someone who loves a sun-kissed glow as much as I do, you, like me, have probably taken to TikTok to search for candid reviews of self-tanning products. During my scrolls, I came across several raving reviews of Isle of Paradise products — most notably their Self-Tanning Drops and Self-Tanning Water, which are also Sephora best-sellers.

Now, just in time for summer, the brand launched a new Self Tanning Oil Mist that is already topping the Sephora charts within a month of launching — and it's easy to see why. The self-tanning oil mist gives you their most hydrating, long-lasting tan ever — and shoppers say it's the "easiest and most pain-free way" to self tan.

To get the scoop on their new product, I talked to Isle of Paradise brand founder and long-time celebrity spray tanner Jules Von Hep. Von Hep said he wishes they could've launched with the oil first but because mixing oil and DHA is complex; the oil took longer to create and he "wanted to do it right."

​​"I've always wanted to create a self-tanning oil," Von Hep said. "I love oils. I love texture. I love skin hydration. When your skin is super hydrated, the tan looks the best."

The oil was created in a bi-phase, which according to Von Hep means "that it penetrates deeper into the skin," giving you 24 full hours of hydration and a tan that lasts up to seven days. The oil is also formulated with some of the most hydrating and healthy skincare ingredients, glycerin, squalane, hyaluronic acid, sea kelp, and avocado oil.

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Oil Mist

Shop now: $32;

Like many other Isle of Paradise products, the oil comes in three shades — light, medium, and dark — which are also packaged according to their color-correcting abilities. Light, packaged in peach, is formulated with an oxy-glow complex that brightens the skin and gives you a noticeable glow. Medium, packaged in green, is formulated with Agastache Mexicana Flower, which calms redness and stops inflammation. And finally, dark is packaged in purple and formulated with a violet complex that keeps your dark tan from looking orange.

What's great about the oil, and many other Isle of Paradise products, is that they're created with a quality DHA made in the south of France that prevents your tan from becoming blotchy or streaky. No more spending hours scrubbing off your tan in the shower; the oil will simply fade in color after each day and shower. This also means you can build the tan as much as you want (and apply as much as you want) to keep your skin glowing as you please.

"Isle of Paradise also — and I'm very proud about this, has good fade," Von Hep said. "I think [in] tanning we talk about the hit color of day one, day two, but actually good tan fades right away and comes off your skin evenly. You're not there with the tiger-bread skin trying to get it off."

As the name implies, the oil mist is packaged in a spray bottle that makes the tan easy to apply, so you can be done with the process in just minutes. It is recommended that you use a self-tanning mitt after spraying the oil mist onto your skin to make sure it's evenly applied and you don't miss any spots.

Shoppers have already taken to the review section to share their love for the product. One shopper, who used the medium shade, said it gives her a natural-looking glow that works great with her lighter undertone. She also said it's "easy to apply, it shows up evenly without any extra preparation, and lasts for days."

Another shopper who said they used it 10 minutes before getting into bed, loves how it doesn't come off on their white bed sheets. They also said it gave them "a noticeable tan after one use" and that it "went on so even."

A shopper who used the light shade said that the oil mist is "the absolute best tanning product" they've purchased and that it gave them an even, gorgeous glow.

To get a long-lasting, healthy, bronze glow just in time for shorter sleeves and dresses, shop Isle of Paradise's new Self-Tanning Oil Mist for just $32 at Sephora, and be sure to check out other Isle of Paradise products on Amazon.

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