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Indie Lee Blemish - LEAD
Credit: indie_lee/instagram

I won’t lie. I still throw a borderline fit when a massive zit pops up in-between my eyebrows or on my chin, but thanks to a product I discovered a few months ago, the anxiety of acne doesn’t get to me quite as badly anymore. That’s because when a pimple does make its grand entrance on my face, I now know Indie Lee’s Blemish Lotion ($26; dermstore.com) can make it disappear overnight—and in some cases, deflate it in just a few hours. Life, as you can imagine, has never been the same.

The force of nature formula combines three of the most powerful anti-acne ingredients in one—colloidal sulfur, salicylic acid, and clay—to cleanse and detox your pores while absorbing excess pimple-causing oil. Not only does it reduce the size of the blemish, but I've found that it helps bring down redness too, making it way less visible and easier to cover up with a regular concealer.

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Similar to the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion ($17; nordstrom.com), all you do is dip a cotton swab into the bottle (but don't shake it!) and place the pink paste over your zit. I like to use it overnight because that's where I've seen the biggest difference. In the morning, wash it off when you cleanse or blot it off with a damp wash cloth, and you're set.

When I tell you it's removed a life-changing amount of unnecessary stress around that time of the month (gah, hormonal acne!), I'm not kidding. It's a zit-zapper that I will always have on my shelf.