Because you will feel and look like a Bond girl. Ya feel me?
Golden Elixir - Lead
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We've all got to work with what we've got. That's just life. But as far as I'm concerned, there are a few things in the beauty closet that make working with what you've got even better. Namely, body serums infused with gold. More specifically, ThisWorks Skin Deep Golden Elixir ($58;

I like a good mini just like any woman, but when I'm bearing my midriff, stems, or even my arms, I don't mind having a little help beyond all of those countless exercise classes I drag my booty to every morning. A little reflected light is all you need, even if fitness ain't your thing.

So what's so special about this elixir that makes me want to sing its name from the highest mountain top? Not only is it infused with 24k gold (which stimulates collagen and is also just pretty), but it also has clary sage, rose, patchouli, aloe vera, and even wrinkle-reducing vitamin A. You should interpret this as, your limbs will have a glow that makes people question if you are real or goddess, and the shimmer/light reflection will make things look tighter and tan. You get all that while treating your limbs to the love and nourishment they deserve. Plus, it's not heavy or sticky, which is great for those who prefer a lighter moisturizer in the warmer months.

Wanna look like Ursula Andress in her oh so iconic white bikini Bond girl glory? A couple of pumps of this magic is truly all you will need.