Here's How You Contour Away the Signs of Sunburn

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First thing's first: In order to prevent a sunburn, you should always cover yourself in SPF consistently and thoroughly any time you think the sun's rays will so much as touch your skin — even if it's only a few minutes. Second, we've been told we should apply at least once every hour when playing outdoors for an extended period of time, or any time we come out of the water. With that necessary advice out of the way, we're the first to admit that yeah, sunburns happenespecially over a holiday weekend known for its BBQs and pool parties.

That happened to makeup artist, vlogger and Instagram user @doniellecampopiano over the weekend, but she didn't let that stop her from looking fabulous. She created a video detailing how to contour and cover up a fresh, painful sunburn, and the results are super impressive.

She starts by applying fresh, natural aloe all over her red skin to help soothe it, then applies a mint green concealer to color correct the burn. Then, she followed up with a neutral concealer placed in strategic places and went so far as to apply bronzer and highlighter to further contour.

Sunburn? What sunburn?

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