How to Keep Your Skin Radiant Once Summer's Over

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As the sun sets on summer, it’s inevitable that your complexion’s glow is going to fade away with the warm weather season. There’s no way to make sunny days last longer, but you can prevent dull, winter skin. A radiant complexion isn’t just the result of a concise skincare product regime, your lifestyle and diet will also turn up on your skin.

“Your skin is part of the integumentary system, which is one of the body’s 11 systems of the body,” says Dr. Simone Laubscher, Elle Macpherson’s go-to nutritionist and co-founder of her lifestyle brand WelleCo. “Your skin is the biggest organ in the body and is directly affected by how the other systems are performing. It’s often referred to as the third kidney because for example, whatever the liver doesn’t want, it dumps onto the kidneys, and whatever the kidneys can’t handle, it will dump onto the skin.”

As the summer wraps up, Dr. Laubscher suggests looking back and reflecting on the season you’ve had in order to determine your game plan for taking your glowing complexion into fall with you. In addition to loading up on good protein sources like fish, lentils, and nuts—which are the building blocks of skin and promote collagen production—and cutting out excess sugar, dairy, and gluten, you can also add in a supplement to help accelerate your body back into balance.

If you’ve had a pretty average (not boring) summer save for a few big events like weddings or weekend trips, she recommends adding two teaspoons of WelleCo Super Elixir Super Greens ($135; to your water or a smoothie every day for two weeks. If your summer was a little too fun-filled, she suggests doubling your dose for those two weeks.

This all-natural, vegan-friendly powder is loaded with ingredients such as super greens, Chinese herbs, and digestive enzymes to maintain your body’s pH balance. “Your skin should always run slightly acidic so it holds moisture and your body should always run alkaline,” explains Dr. Laubscher. “When you take the super elixir, your internal environment flips alkaline and your skin will become slightly more acidic. Ensuring the body is internally alkaline and putting you into balance will have a positive effect on the skin. That being said, she stresses the importance of balance and not completely foregoing indulging and enjoying yourself once and while. “If you want a juicy burger once a week, by all means have it,” she says.

When it’s time to hit the lights, maintaining your glow doesn’t stop. “Sleep is meant to detox us from the day we just had, and getting enough sleep benefits your skin’s appearance too,” says Dr. Laubscher. We’ve all experienced the dullness and dark circles you wake up with after a late night. To help you relax and stay asleep throughout the night, Dr. Laubscher suggests a cup of tea like WelleCo’s Fortified Calming Tea ($69; that’s infused with calming ingredients like skullcap and hops to help you get a full night’s rest. If a pre-bedtime beverage isn’t your cup of tea, you could give your pillows a few spritzes of a spray like WelleCo Calming Mist ($34; which is infused with lavender and chamomile to help you unwind.

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